Q&A: Would You Give Your Child the Gift of an E-Book Reader?


Nancy Blake Webb writes, "I'm thinking my kids can get one for college if they can download textbooks so they don't have so many to carry around."

Would you ever give your children an e-book reader as a gift?

  • Amanda Saklad writes, “If I had the extra $150 plus to spend, sure! A trip to the library would be little more affordable, though. My 11yo wants one for Christmas.”
  • Karen Bayne writes, “If I had one, and I had the money, I would. I can’t quite wrap my head around giving such a cool thing to my kid before I get my hands on one myself! Same rule applies for the often sighed over imaginary iPod Touch that I would lend them….”
  • Emily Gonzalezoh writes, “Yes…but what Amanda said.”
  • Jenni Haley writes, “My step-daughter’s much older sister is giving her one for Christmas. She is 11, but we would not have thought of it, but she will love it. I’d much rather she had an e-reader than an iPhone, iPod Touch, whatever. It’s so single purpose – better reading than texting or gaming!”
  • Vickie Riggs Selleck writes, “If, if they would read more by using it (and you could afford and they were responsible enough to own it).”
  • Aime DeGrenier writes, “I don’t think so, especially only days after my kids put the iPod Touch in the tub–ahem, the full tub, and although I had told them NEVER to bring the Touch into the bathroom, I really had never told them not to put it in the tub…”
  • Diane Hinze Kanzler writes, “”No. Mine can read books the traditional way. If it was good enough for me, it’s good enough for her.”
  • Dawn Kim writes, “Absolutely, I love my Nook. But my kids are only 7 and 4 so they’ll have to wait a while. Maybe a hand-me-down nook when mom is ready for a new reader?”
  • Nancy Blake Webb writes, “I’m thinking my kids can get one for college if they can download textbooks so they don’t have so many to carry around.”
  • Julie Gouldman Russell writes, “I like the college idea. No need to get all of those heavy, over-priced college text books – that always seem to be outdated by the next semester so you can’t resell them to anyone. However, it is a few years off for us, so who knows what type of technology will be out by then.”

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