Make & Donate Recycled Wrapping Paper

Recycled Wrapping Paper

Making your own wrapping paper for the holiday season is a fun activity to do with your family and with others in your community!

Make it

What did you do with the leftover wrapping paper after your kid’s last birthday party?  Maybe you recycled some of it, maybe it ended up in the trash?  Wouldn’t it be great if all of the gifts had been wrapped in recycled and/or recyclable materials?  Wouldn’t it be even better if they were unique, original handmade wrappings that weren’t produced in a factory?  The Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation is hosting an afternoon of re-wrapping, where participants can learn how to use nontraditional materials to make wrapping paper, gift boxes, and bags for gifts!  There is a small charge (>$) for the non-recycled materials required, and the event takes place from 1:30-4pm on Nov 19th.  For more information, call 413-458-2494.

Donate it

Make it and then donate it! Places like the Easthampton Toy Program are in need of wrapping paper for their giving programs this holiday season.  Consider making recycled wrapping paper and donating to one of these many worthy organizations.

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