Support Local Food Drives

Support Local Food Drives

"More families than ever before are seeking food assistance across western Massachusetts. Combine stagnant wages, unemployment, rising food prices, and exponential increases in heating costs, and the result is that many households just can’t make ends meet." - Consider donating food this holiday season and/or conducting a food drive in your neighborhood, office or school.

The Amherst Survival Center distributes turkeys and Thanksgiving food boxes to over 350 local families every year!  However, this cannot happen without generous donations from the community.

Currently, the center is seeking donations of 100 frozen turkeys, canned goods (especially holiday items such as pie fillings), boxed items (like macaroni and cheese), and/or gift certificates to local grocery stores so that families can purchase their own food. – For more information and to check on the center’s needs, call at 549-3968 or e-mail Tracey at


One great way to collect food for the survival center would be to hold a food drive within your neighborhood- get your kids to help organize it!  They’ll learn a lot and you’ll collect tons of items. The Food Bank of Western Mass offers these tips for conducting a food drive:

  • Create a theme.
  • Set a date for well in advance.
  • Publicize!
  • Educate others about why this is important.
  • For canned food drives, please keep collection containers to a size that can be lifted.

For more information and support on putting together a food drive in your neighborhood, call The Food Bank of Western Mass at 413-247-9738.

  • Know of a food drive in your community? Share it HERE.

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