Q&A: Home Remedies for Colds and Flu


With school in session and the colder months upon us, colds and flu are common ailments. What are some of your tried-and-true home remedies for beating & treating your kids sniffles and fevers?

  • Christa Pylant suggests, “I’ve been supplementing my daughter and I with Vitamin D from fall to spring for two years now and have both been sick only once each year. I’m sold!”
  • Melissa Adams suggests, “Sleep!”
  • Stacy Gayle Kai Calabretta-Rek suggests, “Elderberry elixir from Bone Flower Botanikals- lots of Vitamin C, astragalus root and reishi mushrooms.”
  • Rae Griffiths suggests, “Vitamin D. Much less illness overall, and if we catch something, it’s short-lived.”
  • Lauren Abend suggests, “Elderberry syrup daily, cod liver oil, homemade chicken soup, exercise and love.”
  • Megan O’Brien suggests, “I hit the first symptoms with Oscillococcinum homeopathic remedy; then do nasal irrigation w/saline H20. Really helps nip it in the bud. The chicken soup & love sounds divine, also. – I’ve heard daily probiotics through the season also helps prevent colds.”


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  1. We also take power doses of D3, plus Vitamin C, neti pot at the first sneeze. Like Christa said, since we started the D3 regimen, the 4 of us have hardly been sick!

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