Q&A: What Do You Wish They Taught More Of in School?


Angela Santaniello would like to see more cursive, science, social studies and art taught in school. How about you? Share your thoughts in the comment field! (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Are there subjects/topics you wish schools WOULD teach your kids? How about ones you wish they WOULDN’T?

  • Laura Hoffman replies, “I’m beside myself that they are choosing not to teach cursive anymore…”
  • Tonya Lemos replies, “Wish they did carpentry, more geography and less history… or maybe different history…don’t get me going on this topic!”
  • Soma DiNicola replies, “They should teach sign language.”
  • Jackie Amuso Dolby replies, “I just wish my school would have more extra curricular activities for my kids to be involved in. My kids don’t like sports so there is nothing for them.”
  • Michele Lussier replies, “Foreign languages earlier; music earlier; history globally and more balanced; logic at a young age in puzzle form; addition should be taught with multiplication (as addition’s short cut cousin); community service… I could keep going.”
  • Angela Coulopoulos Santaniello replies, “Cursive, science, social studies, art. More freedom to choose what they want to learn. That’s why we homeschool now.”
  • Marya Zilberberg replies, “Wish they would not teach them “subjects,” but how to think and pursue knowledge.”
  • Susan Lillie Robert replies, “How about life skills such as managing money, shopping, how to live on your own…”
  • Kara Kitchen replies, “After teaching high school for 11 years, I would say civics and how to be a productive/responsible citizen+community member!”

2 Comments on “Q&A: What Do You Wish They Taught More Of in School?

  1. I agree with most of these comments, but would love for our kids to learn Latin in school as well! And our son wants to take Latin, but there’s no room in the schedule and no one to teach it. Yes, foreign language at a younger age. Our son has also requested a middle school/high school programming class — none available. No time. Too much time spent preparing for MCAS.

  2. Vortex Based Mathematics, Love~what it for and not against, social-relationship skills, meditation~all the different forms and why many different cultures do it, survival skills, etc. Stop teaching old programs that teach humans to consume and not know what happens to Earth and all living creatures as a result.

    Much love,
    Eron Warm Heart Tarail

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