Experience Pittsfield Cultural Panorama Card

Pittsfield Cultural Panorama Card Rewards Those Who Experience Pittsfield’s Offerings Firsthand

Mary Rentz, Pittsfield 250 Committee co-chair writes:

Pittsfield Cultural Panorama Card

The Experience Pittsfield Cultural Panorama Card provides a fun way for people, whether they live here or are visitors, to try out the many cultural opportunities in our city. The lottery prizes at the 20-stamp level offer significant benefits for the winners, such as a tuition rebate for lessons at the Berkshire Music School, or a year-long family membership and gifts from Hancock Shaker Village. On top of that, it adds a sense of adventure to something that is already interesting and entertaining.

Like a passport that documents a person’s travel history, the new “Experience Pittsfield Cultural Panorama Card” keeps track of cultural attractions visited all year long during Pittsfield’s 250th birthday celebration. Only this passport has an added benefit: those who visit 10 or more venues on the itinerary will receive souvenirs and memorabilia, and will be eligible for drawings of valuable prizes.

The Experience Pittsfield Cultural Panorama Card is part of the year-long celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the city’s founding in 1761, and seeks to highlight the many cultural activities which are available year round. It is funded by a special grant from the Pittsfield Cultural Council, and operates using a simple process: visitors get their card stamped, and they win prizes.

At 10 stamps, the passport holder may choose from a selection of Pittsfield prizes; at 20 stamps, they may enter a lottery of their choice for memberships at museums, passes and tickets, for performances, or tuition rebates for classes. Those who garner 25 stamps will be recognized on the P250 website and at the Thanksgiving Weekend festivities, when the P250 celebration ends.

Many events are free. Furthermore, museum passes for free museum passes may be checked out at the Berkshire Athenaeum. For theatre shows or other ticketed events, ticket stubs can be brought to a redemption site for a stamp; and, venues’ websites and the 1/2 TIX booth often have reduced-price tickets.

Blank passport cards are now available at the Pittsfield Visitor Center, 111 South Street (at the Colonial Theatre); the P250 headquarters and exhibit at 441 North Street; the Berkshire Athenaeum; the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, and other cultural venues. In addition to being available at several tables during Pittsfield’s Third Thursday downtown block party, it may also be downloaded from pittsfield250.com.

The passport can be redeemed for prizes at the Pittsfield Visitors Center at the Colonial Theatre, 111 South Street, or the P250 Exhibit / Headquarters at 441 North Street.

The following attractions are participating:

  • Arrowhead/Berkshire Historic Society on Holmes Rd.
  • Barrington Stage Company on Union St. or any of their three stages.
  • The Berkshire Athenaeum on Wendell Ave. (front circulation desk).
  • Berkshire Carousel / Berkshire Historic Society’s P250 exhibit at 170 North St.
  • Berkshire Historic Society’s Pittsfield Cemetery Walks, Thursdays at 7pm in August.
  • Berkshire Lyric or Eagles Band Concerts throughout summer and fall.
  • The Berkshire Museum on South St.
  • Activities, classes or concerts at the Berkshire Music School on Wendell Ave.
  • The Lichtenstein Center for the Arts on Renne Ave.
  • Live at the Lake, Wednesdays at Burbank Park.
  • Pittsfield CityJazz Festival concerts all over the city, October 7 – 20.
  • Pittsfield at Home exhibit of the Berkshire Historic Society at the Pittsfield 250 headquarters at 441 North St.
  • Pittsfield at Work, Play and On the Move exhibit at 158 Tyler St., presented by Berkshire Carousel and the Berkshire Historic Society.
  • The Colonial Theatre / Berkshire Theatre Festival, South St.
  • 3rd Thursdays, through October, 5 – 8pm downtown.
  • WordXWord Festival events on various dates and several venues in August.

The card includes four blank spaces allocated for writing-in additional Pittsfield events, such as Artscape walking tours (departing at 1pm from the Pittsfield Visitors Center] on August 27, September 24, and October 8; any Bearded Brothers of the Berkshire events; the Berkshire Carousel’s P250 exhibit at the Berkshire Mall; Camp Stevenson Witawentin’s Reunion; plays at the New Stage Performing Arts Center at the Beacon Cinema; Pittsfield Colonials Games; and more.

The passport rewards participation right up to Thanksgiving weekend, the culmination of the City’s birthday celebration. Additional information is available at www.pittsfield250.com .

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