Ticket Giveaway: Summer Night Out at Mountain Park with Bright Eyes plus Titus Andronicus

UPDATE (8/16/11): Concert has been moved to The Calvin Theater in Northampton

Bright Eyes plus Titus Andronicus
at Mountain Park in Holyoke, MA Calvin Theater in Northampton
Sunday, August 28th, 2011 @ 7pm

Enter to win a pair of tickets to see Bright Eyes plus Titus Andronicus at Calvin Theater in Northampton, MA on Sunday, August 28th! Deadline to enter to win is Wednesday, Aug. 24th. Details on how to enter to win are outlined below.

Hilltown Families and Iron Horse Entertainment Group have partnered up to offer a chance to win free tickets to see adult venues in the Pioneer Valley for a PARENTS’ NIGHT OUT! You pay for the sitter, we’ll pay for the tickets!

Bright Eyes plus Titus Andronicus are coming to Mountain Park in Holyoke Calvin Theater in Northampton, MA on Sunday, August 28th this month and we are giving way two pair of lawn tickets for two lucky couples to enjoy an evening out!

Win the tickets and take your spouse, partner or good friend for a night out. Deadline to enter to win is Wednesday, 08/24/11 @ 7pm (EST). Details below.


Bright Eyes became a household name (in a certain kind of household) when, for a few months in early 2005, they seemed ubiquitous. From magazine covers to late night talk shows, they were name-checked by everyone from sports casters to country stars. Conor Oberst has spent much of the last few years recording and touring with friends and musicians, The Mystic Valley Band, as well as releasing a a highly acclaimed album and tour as part of the so called indie supergroup Monsters of Folk. The People’s Key – the band’s seventh studio album – is the eagerly awaited follow-up to 2007’s acclaimed Cassadaga. Fully realized and bursting with charisma, The People’s Key is assured and accomplished, artfully arranged and filled with the engaging and mesmeric songwriting for which Oberst is renowned. www.conoroberst.com


Titus Andronicus is a punk/indie band from Glen Rock, New Jersey formed in 2005. The group takes its name from the Shakespeare play Titus Andronicus. Their debut album, The Airing of Grievances received widespread acclaim. The album’s loud, heavily distorted guitars are influenced by the shoegaze genre, while the lyrics and song titles are references to various books and other forms of entertainment (such as the album title, from the Seinfeld episode, “The Strike”, about Festivus). Titus Andronicus’ second album, The Monitor, was released on March 9, 2010, the same month that Rolling Stone magazine named the band one of the 10 best new bands of 2010. www.titusandronicus.net


(UPDATE (8/16/11): Concert has been moved to The Calvin Theater in Northampton.) Following its opening in 1894 as a picturesque retreat on the side of Mount Tom, Mountain Park expanded and evolved into one of the most beloved amusement parks in New England. At the beginning of the 20th century, Holyoke was the most prosperous community in the state and the first planned industrial city in the United States. The city’s progress drew crowds of visitors to Mountain Park, and the park gradually developed into a bustling destination. Although the park closed its gates in 1987, the echoes of laughter from generations of visitors still reverberate throughout the Pioneer Valley. Today, Mountain Park evolves into the next millennium as a new host for music, entertainment and outdoor family fun.


Your chance to win a pair of lawn tickets to see Bright Eyes plus Titus Andronicus at Mountain Park in Holyoke, Calvin Theater in Northampton, MA Sunday, August 28th, 2011 @ 7pm is as easy as 1-2-3 (4)!

To enter to win simply:

  1. CONSIDER SHARING ON FACEBOOK by selecting “Like” below
  2. TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE WAY TO SPEND AN ENTIRE DAY IN WESTERN MA WITH THE FAMILY (any season) below (one entry per household) and be sure to tell us your
  3. FULL NAME and where you
  4. LIVE (TOWN/STATE) Must include your town to be eligible.
  5. ACCURATE EMAIL IN THE EMAIL FIELD BELOW (we never share your email address).
  6. We’ll randomly draw a winner and will share the results below.

IT’S THAT SIMPLE! — Deadline is Wednesday, 08/24/11 @ 7pm (EST).

If you don’t win, tickets can be purchased at the Northampton Box Office, 76 Main Street, by phone at 413-586-8686 and online at IHEG.com.

26 Comments on “Ticket Giveaway: Summer Night Out at Mountain Park with Bright Eyes plus Titus Andronicus

  1. Bright EyesCongratulations to:

    • Oriana Flakowski of Haydenville, MA
    • Kristen Mutarelli, Amherst, MA

    Oriana & Kristen have each won a pair tickets to see Bright Eyes plus Titus Andronicus at the Calvin Theater in Northampton, MA on Sunday, August 28th, 2011 @ 7pm – and should contact us at hilltownfamilies@gmail.com for details on how to claim the tickets.

  2. Alisa Holm
    Amherst, MA

    A hot summer day in western mass begins with a fresh family breakfast loaded with local veggies and fruits. We’ll bike down the bike path and over to Stanley Street in Amherst for a dip in Kiwanis swimming hole and some romping around in the field. All that play and exercise has us famished so a stop in the town center for an Antonio’s pizza lunch is in order before we head back southward for sweet scoops of ice cream from Atkins market. To conclude the day, we travel down Bay Road to explore Mt. Pollux, paint with watercolors, and sometimes enjoy a picnic dinner as the sun sets!

  3. Bike ride on the Northampton Bikeway from our house to Look Park for a picnic lunch & mini golf. Stop on the way back for a gluten-free treat & coffee at Cup & Top.

  4. Sharing cups of green tea, followed by an early morning hike along the little known Dunbar Brook Trail in Monroe. A true gem of the Northern Berkshires which offers views and visits of old growth trees, a pristine bubbling brook and a guaranteed serene hike. Then, an afternoon ride down the Deerfield by kayak, raft or tube. Finally, wrap up the day with dinner at Mohawk Park.

    Welcome Bright Eyes, hope to see you!

  5. Would love to see them…my husband and his best friend were planning to go together as they are big fans. Thanks for the wonderful website. Again and again this summer I have found out about great local happenings b/c I receive your newsletter.

  6. Going to Summit Farm with the family.

    Dave Cahn
    Williamsburg, MA

  7. We love to pick a new spot (last time it was Bartholomew’s Cobble) and take a morning hike. Afterwards, like to have lunch in Northampton, followed by a little shopping. On our way home, we like to stop at Look Park to get out that last bit of energy.

  8. Early morning hike with our three girls up to the radio towers on Mt. Tom, followed by breakfast at Sylvester’s. An afternoon of apple picking at an organic farm followed by a backyard fire and music.

  9. Ops

    Erica Pulcini, Amherst Massachusetts

  10. Cooking breakfast in my apartment.
    Going for a walk through Amethyst Brook, and stoping to pick sun flowers.
    Sitting on the front porch of my blue farm house and writing my movie script, titled: Three Days for Bright Eyes.
    Watching the sunset at the conservatory in south Amherst.
    Sharing a drink with friends in North Hampton.
    There is no where as peaceful and accepting as western Mass.

  11. Kristen Mutarelli, Amherst, MA
    Swimming in Puffers Pond and cliff jumping into the water. Stopping at a farmers market. Painting my best friends bedroom walls yellow, purple, and blue. Getting a Triple Spiral tattooed on my side at Mom’s Tattoo. The End.

  12. Breakfast at Lone Wolf. Floating or kayaking down the Deerfield river. Barbecuing in the evening. Seeing whats on tap at the Harp/Moan and Dove
    Matt Babnis Amherst, MA

  13. Pack a picnic, head to Chesterfield Gorge and get a treat from the Williamburg General store on the way back.

    Oriana Flakowski
    Haydenville, MA

  14. Recently my 5 girls and I spent the entire day at the Springfield Museums using some good advice about the Free Fridays in MA. We brought a bag lunch and water bottles and enjoyed a beautiful day.
    Christa Figueroa
    Holyoke, MA

  15. Kids outside riding bikes before the heat sets in while mom makes a picnic and dad locates swimsuits and towels and loads the car. Off to the DAR in Goshen. Digging in sand. Hiking through woods. Maybe even time in the canoe. Stopping for “Elephant Slide” ice cream at the Wiliamsburg greenhouse. Back home for naptime/quiet time. Dinner in the backyard. Grilled veggies from the farmers market. Maybe even more ice cream? Early to bed for all.

  16. The perfect summer day is breakfast at the Green Bean, a visit to Tuesday Farmer’s Market behind Thornes and then ice cream at Mount Tom’s. I also have to admit, I love summer days simply playing out in the yard and poking around in the garden.

    Jessica Montagna
    Holyoke, MA

  17. I think I just had my favorite day! A chill morning at home with my little girls, then lunch at Musante and some swimming/playing… then off to Scottie’s in Leeds for ice cream (we are trying to hit as many different ice cream places as we can this summer- and this was a new one for us- YUM!) and then some golf- very entertaining to watch a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old give golf a try- they did great! Home for dinner with fresh sun kissed faces. Yum again!

    ~ Danielle Clough, Northampton, MA

  18. Hiking Mt. Toby, having lunch at the North Leverett Co-op, and wading in the Mill River in Florence!

    Ruthie Oland
    Florence, MA

  19. A perfect summer day would be to go out to Enterprise Farm to pick vegi’s and flowers in the morning, take a long walk on the bike path in the afternoon followed by a facial at Joia, and dinner at Karma.

    Anna Alter

  20. Driving to Chapel Brook in Ashfield. Spending the day hiking chapel ledge/pony mountain and swimming in chapel falls (sliding down the rocks). A stop at the Williamsburg general store for ice cream on the way there and/or the way back.
    Dan Carey, Easthampton MA

  21. We like to walk the dog on the bike bath, visit the Northampton Farmers market and eat outside at Paradiso.

    Christina Coursey

  22. We love to hike up Mt. Holyoke and take in the gorgeous views from Summit House. On a clear day you can actually see downtown Hartford in the distance!

    Helen Stauder
    Florence, MA

  23. sharon castelli, northampton, ma

    we love the bike path. and we love to go to the chesterfield gorge and hike and cool off in the river.

    i love bright eyes!!

  24. I love to visit some of the wonderful farms and farmers in our area. A favorite day might include stopping at the Greenfield Farmer’s Market to visit vendors and see friends, then heading on to Quonquont Farm in Whately to pick peaches. After that, a trip through Deerfield to visit Annie’s and look at pots and plants and see what’s coming up for fall, maybe the hayrides have started.

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