Must-Hear Music Monday: Sing Along with Caspar Babypants

Sing Along with Caspar Babypants

Caspar Babypants is preparing to release his fourth awesome kids album, Sing Along, on August 16th.

Is this one really good just like all his others? Why, yes it is! Caspar has a great approach to kids music: keep it simple so little kids can sing or bounce along, but make it interesting for grown ups, too. What a concept!

You’ll see this approach in songs like “Ba Ba Black Sheep” and “Ring Around the Rosie“, songs everyone knows but that get a new twist on this album. He also takes subjects even the littlest listeners can relate to, like “Crawling, and turns them into fun songs!

But one of my favorite things about Caspar Babypants is that he seems to be friends with just about everyone in the music industry (he must be a nice guy) and they all want to help him out with his albums. Weird Al Yankovic plays accordion on “Long Long Dream” and has created an amazing accordion solo, plus the beautiful Frances England helps out on a couple songs too, my favorite being “Sun Go“.

But the very, very best song on the album without a doubt is Rachel Loshak’sBaby Cloud“. Caspar describes it as “haunting.” It’s just perfect. Go listen to it now.

Caspar says he makes music “to help families sing together and relax and open up and endure stressful times with humor and grace.” You’re doing it, Caspar. Keep up the good work!

Sing Along will be available August 16th.


Amber BobnarAmber Bobnar

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