Q&A: Where Can Kids Take Swim Lessons in the Summer?


Swim lessons at Ashfield Lake. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Can anyone recommend a good place for kids to take swim lessons this summer?

  • Megan Rubiner Zinn recommends: “Craig Collins at the Valley Swim School (at the Clarke School, Northampton) is wonderful: www.thevalleyswimschool.com
  • Brooke Norton recommends: “I second Craig and the Valley Swim School. He’s great.”
  • Amy Meltzer recommends: “My kids have had great success with sharing a teacher for semi-private lessons at the YMCA in Northampton…”
  • Tom Adams recommends: “JFK Middle School, Northampton Rec.
  • Holly Banister Zimmerman recommends: “Valley Swim School, Craig Collins. He’s a great teacher!”
  • Katryna Nields recommends: “For Conway, Whately, Deerfield folks- the Tri-town Beach has excellent, cheap, flexible swimming lessons. Love them.”
  • Jamison Isler recommends: “Tri-town beach!”
  • Jill Kristek Payson recommends: “For Berkshire County Folks-the Dalton CRA!”
  • Yvette Sousa Estee recommends: “Wilderness Experiences in Southwick! Great people.”
  • John L. Grossman recommends:Holyoke Canoe Club, if you are member.”
  • Kate Erickson recommends: “The YMCA in Westfield is great.”
  • Sienna Wildfield recommends:“Swim lessons will be offered at Ashfield Lake in August.”

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  1. Marissa, try Nina, chair of their park commission. If she doesn’t know, maybe she will know who to contact. Here’s her number from the town web site: 413-834-2465

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