El Mercado de Vegetales de Jackson Street

New Monthly Farmers’ Market: Jackson Street Farmers’ Market
Debuts Friday, July 8th from 3-7pm

Families With Power, The Northampton Health Department, and Tuesday Market Present: El Mercado de Vegetales de Jackson Street (The Jackson Street Farmers' Market), starting this Friday, July 8th from 3-7pm at Hampshire Heights (corner of Jackson St. and Bridge Road, across from the Jackson Street School). The value of your food stamps will be DOUBLED at this Market (up to $10). Walk, bike, bus if you can, but if you must drive, please park your car at the Jackson Street School parking lot and walk over to Hampshire Heights. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Ben James of Town Farm in Northampton, MA writes:

We are very excited to announce Northampton’s newest farmers’ market. Initiated by Families With Power (a group of mothers whose children attend the Jackson Street School), The Jackson Street Farmers’ Market is dedicated to building community and providing nourishing, affordable, locally-grown produce to Northampton’s Latino and low-income residents.

Located on the corner of Bridge Road & Jackson Streets, the new market is an easy walk or bike ride from a number of Northampton neighborhoods, and it’s a convenient stop on the way home from a long week of work. Stock up on tomatoes, raspberries, cucumbers, salad greens, summer squash, and more. Find out how Elba Heredia makes delicious sofrito with fresh cilantro for her popular arroz con gandulez. There’ll be live music & dancing as well! Town Farm will be making shaved ices (piraguas) in all new tropical flavors. Vendors include farmers from Nuestres Raices in Holyoke, El Jardin Bakery, Northampton’s Town Farm, and more.

You’ve probably noticed that there are farmers’ markets sprouting up everywhere, but there aren’t many being started in low-income neighborhoods. This is a real shame, since families living in these neighborhoods face a number of hurdles at once. Suffering from a far greater incidence of diabetes and other nutritionally-related disorders, hard-working, low-income mothers & fathers rarely have the time or the means to make a special trip to a farmers’ market. This is a problem, since it’s these people who can benefit the most from nutritious, locally-grown food. The Jackson Street Farmers’ Market aims to shift the situation by – as Jackson Street School teacher and market organizer Mary Cowhey puts it – “creating a positive community event out of the market as a way to change buying, cooking, eating, and activity habits.”

Most exciting of all, the Jackson Street Farmers’ Market will be doubling the value of customers’ food stamps, thanks to our FoodStampsX2 program. This program is run by Tuesday Market & Grow Food Northampton, and is funded by generous donations from Northampton residents and local businesses, including Florence Savings Bank. If you’d like to make a donation to this great program, here’s how.

So please come on by and be a part of the cooking, the dancing, the hanging out, and – of course – the food. The market is open to everyone! We would love to see you there.

And mark your calendar for the August 12th & September 9th markets as well!

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