Hilltown Families Hosts a Virtual Food Drive

Hilltown Families Tornado Relief Virtual Food Drive

"Virtual food drives are online fund-raising campaigns that still have the exciting hands-on feel of a canned food drive. With the point and click of a mouse, you can choose which food products you which to donate and how many. Another benefit is that when you make a large donation, you no longer have to worry about carrying heavy boxes or bags of food to The Food Bank. Instead, your donation is delivered to The Food Bank instantaneously." - The Food Bank

In support of families affected by the June 1st tornadoes and the work of The Food Bank of Western MA’s tornado relief efforts, Hilltown Families is holding a VIRTUAL FOOD DRIVE, an online fund-raising campaign with the feel and excitement of a hands-on food drive.

While canned food drives have many terrific benefits and are great ways to bring families together in a community gathering space to support Western MA residents in need, there are many benefits of a virtual food drive too, including: cost savings to The Food Bank in staff time; no extra driving for participants; and accessible to families near and far who want to support food drives in our region.

The Food Bank of Western MA writes:

“The tornadoes that took place here in Western MA on June 1st, 2011 left a 39-mile path of destruction through the most populated county in The Food Bank’s service area. Hundreds of families and individuals were left with severely damaged or destroyed homes, thousands more were left without electricity for days, and the tragic storms claimed at least three lives.

“Many people are interested in conducting canned food drives because of the hands-on aspect of physically bringing non-perishable food items to The Food Bank. While we greatly appreciate these types of donations, there are other ways to donate that have more of an impact. Every canned food drive costs The Food Bank in staff time to sort and redistribute the food that is donated. An easy solution to this is to conduct a virtual food drive… allow(ing) you to stretch your dollar much further towards helping hungry families.”

For every $1 donated through the virtual food drive equals $13 worth of food distributed to families in need (the equivalent of nearly 10 meals!). In other words, your $1 dollar donated through our virtual food drive to The Food Bank of Western MA will feed 10 people a much needed meal!

Please take a moment to participate in the Food Bank of Western MA’s tornado relief efforts by donating to the Hilltown Families Virtual Food Drive.

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  1. What an awesome way for people to help from all over the country. Our families are spread out all the way to the west coast. Bravo!

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