Women’s Weekly Trail Run at the Chesterfield Gorge

Trail Run at Chesterfield Gorge

Trail along Westfield River beginning at the Chesterfield Gorge in West Chesterfield, MA is a great place for running, walking, biking and hiking. And in the winter it's good for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing too! (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Leslie Charles of Chesterfield, MA writes:

Last year, a few of us started running at the Chesterfield Gorge in West Chesterfield, MA on Sundays at 8am. We would like to extend the invitation to all women at all levels to join us!

Meet at the Chesterfield Gorge parking area at 8am on Sundays now until the late fall (directions). Around an hour or less (or more, depending on your distance)

We run on River Road–the dirt road that’s next to the beautiful Westfield River. We all start together on a slow trot for almost a half mile then we stretch (and chat). It’s an out and back so you can go as far/long as you want. After the stretch we go at different paces and different distances. A favorite distance is to the gate and back, which is almost 3 miles (when my daughter joins us, we go a mile out then back). Once people start feeling comfortable with that, they go longer. One can go up to 9 miles out (18 miles round-trip).

OPEN TO ALL LEVELS: It can be very intimidating to start running (or start back up after a long haitus-especially when you used to think of yourself as a runner but now can’t even run around the figurative hilltown block). I assure you that many women who have shown up felt that way initially but then realized what a no-pressure run it is. You’ve already succeeded by just showing up! You can walk/run/ take a dip in the Westfield River (I tend to do a combination of that). AND…if you’ve never been to the Chesterfield Gorge–it’s really worth just checking it out. AND…it’s great to run in the woods knowing a bunch of other women are around.

We try to leave right at 8am, so if you think you’re going to be late and want us to wait, you can either call me or shoot me an email before 7:30am in the morning so we can wait for you.

So, pass this around to all your lady friends.

Leslie Charles 413-296-4753

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  1. What a fantastic invitation! After nearly a year of running (or jogging or even shuffling) after my second was born 15 months ago, I’m feeling stronger and ready to join other runners. Thank you!

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