Secret World of Rob

The Wonderful World of Rob

Yesterday I got to experience the full and secret world of Rob.

In the Usual World, Rob and I work together, but generally separately on just about everything we do. I do my part, he does his part, we bring it all together and make it all happen, but without any real long-term hang time together. But yesterday he and I had to go to Greenfield together to do some Research and Development on a larger project we’re working on, and on that trip, as a side-bar, we went to the bank to make the Elmer’s deposit. This is a job Rob usually does on Thursdays when he goes into town for supplies we need for the weekend. Other people do it other days; I do it myself and have always found the tellers at any branch I go to very nice and very pleasant. They know me, I kind of know them, they ask about Elmer’s, it’s all quite small-town civilized.

We walked into the bank, I slightly behind Rob, not really paying attention, when all of a sudden everything shifted. The last customer was leaving a teller’s window and Rob suddenly grew another four feet taller (I’m not sure how that worked) took on a glow and said, “It’s a special Monday edition of the Thursday Deposit.” ALL of the tellers were focused on him and were laughing and reacting as if their favorite uncle had come to town. “And I’ve brought a very special guest with me today; this is Nan.”

Now all those tellers know me, but all of a sudden I had Special Guest Appearance status and I felt as though I were on the Johnny Carson show. I waved shyly and said, “Hi!” Rob then actually Made the Deposit, but not before deciding whose window he was going to shine his light on, and I am not making this up. Everyone wanted Rob at his window.

Now this may seem as though I’m making them out to be silly girls, but I’m not! The Rob World, without the presence of the rest of us at Elmer’s who tell him what to and make his life pretty much Hell, is a grand world! He shines out there and it was very much fun to watch!

I, too had to make a deposit and I felt like the first runner up, “Yes, she got Johnny Carson at your window and I am just Ed McMahon and I’m sorry for that.” (They were of course very nice, but I just wasn’t Rob and I felt that.)

Then, gesturing to the table where the bank displays a local company’s offerings each month, Rob said, “See that table? Elmer’s has that table for the month of July. We can put anything we want to on it.” Seeing as how it was 6 days into June, I was glad he told me about it, and I need to figure out what we’re going to put there. I’m thinking Rob should just stand there all month and make Lattes, but I’m not sure how to do that.

Rob once told me that he had seen Bill Cosby at that branch when he went in. Truly, I don’t think Mr. Cosby could have made a bigger and more welcome entrance there than Rob does. I was impressed and I remain so even now.


Nan Parati - Elmer's StoreNan Parati

Nan is the proprietor of Elmer’s Store in Ashfield, MA. A New England transplant from the Deep South, Nan shares her southern wit, wisdom and charm in her column, “Notes from Nan.”

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