Spring Fun Navigator: An Interactive Social Site for Traveling Massachusetts

Day Trips In and Around Massachusetts

“The Spring and Summer Navigator makes accessing seasonally relevant events and ideas both fast and fun. We wanted to provide site visitors an enjoyable experience as they make their travel plans in Massachusetts. You’ll be surprised at how many truly great ideas are offered up based on how you steer the Navigator,” states Betsy Wall, MOTT Executive Director.

The Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism (MOTT) today announced the launch of their interactive Spring and Summer Navigator site that lets travelers discover statewide spring and summer events, attractions and things to do for families, friends, and couples.

The site allows visitors to be the captain of their own virtual ship: sliding the digital navigation bar refines your activity search based upon travel interests as well as style of leisure.  The site is intuitive, engaging, simple and, best of all, fun.

Play with the dashboard and find activities that are adventurous, family oriented, relaxing, and romantic.  Find out about spring and summer events, lodging and share specific events with family and friends through Facebook and Twitter.

Check out all the wonderful indoor and outdoor adventures across the Commonwealth at www.massvacation.com.

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