Hilltown Spring Festival: Local Music Giveaway

CD Giveaway: 10 CDs From Massachusetts Based Musicians!

Gaia Roots joins us again this year at the 5th Annual Hilltown Spring Festival. Find out how you can win their CD, along with nine other CD from musicians featured at this year's festival! -- This is the second year Hilltown Families has been a major sponsor of the festival, and this year we are delighted to sponsor a third stage at the festival, The Hilltown Families Family Stage! Our line-up of award-winning Massachusetts based musicians is worth the trip to the festival alone, but there are two other stage with equally impressive, locally based musicians, including Appalachian Still, Boxcar Lilies, Gaia Roots, Misty Blues, Swing Caravan, and many others! -- And we have a collection of ten CD from a sample of bands you can see at the festival this year (details below). (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Hilltown Spring Festival Features 18 Musical Performances on 3 Stages

The 5th Annual Hilltown Spring Festival happens this Saturday, May 14th from 10am-7pm at the Cummington Fairgrounds in Cummington, MA!

Check it out! The music line-up for the festival includes 18 musical performances on three stages:


The Hilltown Spring Festival has 18 performances on 3 stage and Hilltown Families has a collection of 10 CD’s to giveaway, to one lucky winner! What a great opportunity to add a large collection of great local music to your CD collection that the entire family will enjoy.  Here’s what we got goin’ on:

Gaia Roots ❁ Motherdrum
Through song, rhythm, dance and story the women of Gaia Roots weave together traditions from around the world and they continue to pass on these traditions and create unity through music. Performing as an ensemble for over 17 years, they have traveled together to the Caribbean, West Africa and other parts of the world to perform and immerse in world music, drumming, singing, dance, and culture and to collect handmade instruments and traditional fabrics utilized in performances.

Radio Free Earth ❁ And Don’t Forget It! 
Just a fun, fun band,” says Sirius Satellite Network. — Like some great pirate radio station in the sky, Radio Free Earth ignores boundaries to play the good stuff “they don’t want you to hear,” familiar songs you’ve never heard before, and songs you’ll remember you’d forgotten. The band dubs its style Crossover Music because it’s paradoxically acoustic and electric, rootsy and innovative, funny and serious, and political and spiritual.

Lui Collins ❁ North of Mars
One of New England’s first and brightest stars,” says the Boston Globe — Folk singer/songwriter Lui Collins has been performing, writing and recording since the 1970s, earning international acclaim for her music. A native Vermonter, Collins’ early music education included classical studies on piano, violin and French horn, followed by a major in music theory at the University of Connecticut. Lui abandoned formal music studies after three years of college, in favor of the vibrant folk music scene of northeast Connecticut.

Sarah Pirtle ❁ Pocketful of Wonder
Sarah Pirtle is an award-winning author and musician who writes and sings for all ages. Pocketful of Wonder, her ninth recording, received the Gold Award from Parents’ Choice, and in 2007 she received the Magic Penny Award for lifetime achievement in children’s music. On this album, the opening song, “Let’s Go Outside,” is the central message. This fabulous album encourages families to spend time together outside and supports a childhood nourished by the wonder of the earth.

Mister G ❁ Bugs
Mister G bursts onto the national family music scene with his adventurous second CD release, Bugs. — “With this new record, Mister G manages to capture the energy and engagement of his wildly popular live shows,” write Bill Childs of WRSI’s Spare the Rock. — Mister G is Ben Gundersheimer, a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer who spent 20 years as a rock frontman and solo artist before transitioning to making family music. The first student to garner a songwriting scholarship to Berklee College of Music, who has won 10 ASCAP awards, Ben toured internationally before going back to school to earn a Masters degree in elementary education.

Ben Rudnick & Friends ❁ A Frog Named Sam
Ben Rudnick & Friend’s 7th CD, A Frog Named Sam, is filled with energy, fun and excellent musicianship. — “On the title track alone, the funky vocal breakdown is worth the price of admission….” says Time Out New York Kids — The title track tells the story of Sam, a country frog who heads off to the big city to fulfill his dream of singing for big audiences. With success, he misses his friends and returns to sing for them back at the pond. The acclaimed American roots Style family music band, Ben Rudnick & Friends (BRF) will join us this year on the Family Stage.

The Boxcar Lilies ❁ Heartwood
“There is nothing like the great three-part harmonies of the Boxcar Lilies to send a shiver up your spine,writes the Greenfield Recorder. — Heartwood is The Boxcar Lilies’ debut studio release.  Their spine-tingling and innovative harmonies are the hallmark of this record.  The Boxcar Lilies are a high energy and engaging Americana trio with a knack for heavenly three-part harmony and exceptional songwriting!

Appalachian Still ❁ Feelin’ Alive
Appalachian Still is an acoustic string band out of Northampton, Massachusetts playing high energy Americana that combines oldtimey mountain music with bluegrass, rock, and folk. This New England group has managed to create a unique sound that is distinctly their own yet remains rooted in the heart of Appalachia. Drawing from a repertoire of traditional tunes, original material, and covers, this band combines traditional music of Appalachians with many “modern” influences like Old Crow Medicine Show, The Grateful Dead, Fountains of Wayne, Norman Blake, and The Avett Brothers.

Pat & Tex LaMountain ❁ A Few Miles Later
Pat & Tex LaMountain have been singing, writing, performing and harmonizing together for over 30 years. Writers of dozens of songs, they have developed a diverse collection of material that includes American standards, swing tunes, folk, rock, bluegrass and country. Their music has been described as “upbeat and rhythmic, inspirational and sensitive…catchy…with Pat & Tex there’s heart and soul.” Songs that touch us through melody, message and harmony. Their music is a blend of Pat’s crystal clear vocals with Tex’s tenor voice and unique flat and finger picking styles.

Misty Blues ❁ Roadhouse Revival & Electric Juke Joint
All members of Misty Blues, being lovers of the blues genre, noticed a deficit of blues in the Berkshires that focus on the multitude of talented and influential female performers. Misty Blues pays homage to the older blues music made popular by the bold and brassy women of its time, while still paying respect to the more contemporary female artist that carry on their rich traditions like Bessie Smith, Big Mama Thornton, Billie Holiday and Tracey Chapman.


Your chance to win a 10 CD package of Massachusetts based artists is as easy as 1-2-3 (4)!  Here’s how…To win simply:

  2. TELL US WHERE YOU LIKE TO GO TO DISCOVER LOCAL MUSIC and be sure to tell us your
  3. FULL NAME (first/last) and where you
  4. LIVE (TOWN/STATE) must include your town to be eligible.
  5. ACCURATE EMAIL (we never share your email address)
  6. JOIN US AT THE HILLTOWN SPRING FESTIVAL where there winner must be present to win!  We will draw the name at 4:15pm on the Hilltown Families Family Stage.

IT’S THAT SIMPLE! — Deadline to enter to win: Friday, May 13th, 2011 at 7pm (EST). Again, must be present at the Hilltown Spring Festival on Saturday, May 14th at 4:15pm at the Family Stage.


The 5th Annual Hilltown Spring Festival, produced by Hilltown CDC, brings together local musicians, local food vendors, local artists and craftspeople, community non-profit organizations, and vendors of products and services to improve energy-efficiency and build a more sustainable life-style. Local food vendors will provide Turkish, German, Asian, and vegetarian food, plus wood-fired pizza, ice cream, beer and more. Children from ages 6 to 12 will offer their crafts for sale, Morris dancers will dance at unpredictable times throughout the day, and a traditional Maypole dance will begin at 12:30. Children’s activities will include a Scale Model Solar System Walk led by astronomers from the Arunah Hill Natural Science Center of Cummington.

The Hilltown CDC, a local non-profit which has been helping hilltown residents for 30 years. Proceeds go to support Hilltown CDC’s programs, which include support for local elders to help them remain in their homes, rehabilitation of the homes of low and moderate income residents, construction of affordable housing for seniors and others, training and support for first-time home-buyers, and support for local businesses. www.HilltownCDC.org

10 Comments on “Hilltown Spring Festival: Local Music Giveaway

  1. Congratulation to Niki Wortis of Cummington, MA!

    Niki let the festival yesterday with a sample 10-pack of CD from local musician at the Hilltown Spring Festival yesterday! Enjoy!

    Thank you to all the artists who donated a CD to the sampler and to all the families that joined us at the festival. Another great year!

  2. 1) Liked!
    2) Marketplace Cafe in Pittsfield
    3) Marya LaRoche
    4) Cheshire, MA
    5) you got that
    6) See you Sat!

  3. 1. done
    2. why here, of course
    3. jessica morris
    4. northampton ma


  4. Oh I love getting great local music tips from HTF!

    Gosh I hope I remember to run to the main stage on Sat when the winner is picked….

    I would LOVE to have this!!!! I <3 music

    ~alisa blanchard
    pittsfield ma

  5. Great! We’re looking forward to Mr. G. and The Nields. And the lo mein, to be honest! And did I forget to say we find music at the Green River Festival, Porter Phelps in Hadley, Watermelon Wednesdays in Whately :)


    Deborah Doulette
    Whately, MA

  6. Great! We’re looking forward to Mr. G. and The Nields. And the lo mein, to be honest!


    Deborah Doulette
    Whately, MA

  7. I listen to WRNX and they play a lot of local music. When I can I go to festivals, The Cup and Top, performances in Northampton, performances highlighted on this Website, etc.

    Niki Wortis
    Cummington, MA

  8. Ah yes, and I live in Windsor!

  9. I buy local music at festivals and local shows in the area. I can’t wait to discover the Spring Festival of Cummington!

  10. My favorite way to enjoy and discover new local music is through the wonderful nooks and crannies in the Hilltowns and surrounds – cafes on a Friday evening or Sunday morning, the Creamery performance series, Stage Rd art walk, libraries, street corners, living rooms and patios.

    Anneliese Mordhorst
    Chesterfield, MA

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