Q&A: Mother’s Day Brunch

Question and Answer

Looking for a place to take mom for brunch tomorrow? “Ashfield Lakehouse!” recommends Judie Isabella. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Where’s a great restaurant families can go for Mother’s Day Brunch?

  • Sarah Lewis recommends: “Opa Opa’s in Southampton.”
  • Judy Bennett recommends: “Chandler’s
  • Judie Isabella recommends: “Ashfield Lakehouse!!! Great food and two of the greatest waitresses ever!”
  • Candy Bird Laflam recommends: “Spruce Corner Restaurant in Goshen.”
  • Robin Morgan Huntley recommends: “Kids under 5 eat free at Blue Heron in Sunderland.”
  • Gillian Kyle Budine recommends: “Hope & Olive in Greenfield, but you probably have to make reservations.”
  • Kelly Tunstall recommends: “Delany House!! Or Yankee peddler!!”
  • Kara Kitchen recommends: “Whately Inn! Reservations needed.”

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  1. Restaurante DiPaolo’s In Turners Falls…and be sure to check out the bathrooms, they are beautiful!

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