Q&A: Intergenerational Opportunities in Western MA

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Gardening is a great intergenerational activity for kids and seniors to share together. The Williamsburg Intergenerational Gardening Program connects seniors with students in the hilltowns. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Can anyone recommend intergenerational opportunities for children/elders in Western MA?

  • Marie Westburg writes: The Council on Aging is joining forces with The Williamsburg Intergenerational Gardening Program and started in April in Haydenville, MA… Call 413-268-8410 to sign up!  – This program aims to connect seniors to the successful gardening program at the Williamsburg Elementary School through senior-led workshops and field trips and shared gardening time. This program allows seniors to share their knowledge of farming and food, offer ways for seniors to continue gardening, provides adult mentors for local children, and forges lasting relationships between seniors and youth in Williamsburg.
  • Pauline Delton writes: Garden together. Even if just small plants in pots.
  • Melissa Wells Flynn writes: Story time at the library. – The Amherst Family Center is a good venue for children to share active and creative time with their elders without the elders having to “keep up” with the children as much as at a playground.
  • Tricia Love Walsh writes: Contra dancing
  • Jill Robinson writes: Not sure if this is still happening, but The Food Bank of Western Mass does an Intergenerational Community Meal in a few towns/cities. It is an 8 week program that teaches folks about healthy and affordable shopping, cooking, etc. check out their website for more info: www.foodbankwma.org.
  • Swansea Benham Bleicher writes: Every day we have grandparents bringing their grandchildren to Northampton Parents Center. If you don’t have local grandchildren, you can come down and read or do crafts with the children.
  • Donna Todd Rivers writes: Craft together. Family Nights, Grandparent Days and Mother/Grandmother and me tea in May at Bisque, Beads & Beyond (Pittsfield, MA)!
  • Melissa Adams writes: Fertile Ground at Williamsburg Elementary has opportunities for seniors to help students with gardening projects.
  • Angelique Candace Baker writes: This may be a bit too specific but my grandmother said she used to take my mom to the merry go round from Mountain Park in Holyoke so for her it’s something nice and brings back memories.
  • Sandra Dias writes: “Beetle Bop,” an Intergenerational Music and Movement Group for children preschool age and younger. Older siblings are also welcome. Rockridge Retirement Community, 25 Coles Meadow Road, Northampton. Children sing songs familiar to both the young and the seniors. Refreshments are included. Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m.
  • Alisa Blanchard writes: The Red Tent; West Side Garden project; Berkshire Hills Chorus.

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