25 Western MA Cloth Diapers Add to World Record!

25 Cloth Diapers vs. 20,000,000,000 Disposal Diapers

This past Saturday, the day after Earth Day, was the Great Cloth Diaper Change 2011, a global event advocating for the use of cloth diapers.  Spearheaded by California mother, Judy Aagard, the event was organized by cloth diaper enthusiasts who wanted to show that cloth diapers are a real option for today’s families.

With an estimate of 20 billion disposal diapers added to our consumer waste tally every year, cloth diapers are a tangible way families can reduce their carbon footprint, and this event was a great way to start community dialog about use of cloth diapers and for sharing local resources.

Western MA mothers Jessica Montagna, Myssie Casinghino and Angie Gregory joined this global event by organized a change at the Florence Civic Center:

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Organizer Angie Gregory of Northampton, MA writes:

Thank you to all who braved the weather and avoided seasonal ailments to make it to the Great Cloth Diaper Change this past Saturday!  We celebrated Earth Day by creating a world record for the most cloth diapers changed at one time. We had so much fun! It was a successful event and our 25 changes will count towards a larger World Record! We hope to put cloth diapers back on the map. Feel free to check out the Real Diaper Association website for a final tally in the coming week for how many simultaneous changes happened at the same moment around the globe (kinda cool to think about, or maybe a slight bit icky, but still cool.)

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors and local businesses who supported this event, including: Motherwear, Bread Euphoria, Cradle, Mother Herb Diaper Service, Second Chances, Lovey Bums, Cup & Top Cafe, and Warm Welcome Birth Services.

(All photo credits: Erin Newman-Long of Birdie Bunny Photography)

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