Q&A: What’s Your Favorite Way to Discover and Explore History with Your Kids?

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"We also enjoy our historical society, town cemeteries, and our library," writes Abbe Laine Schiowitz (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

What is your favorite way to discover and explore history with your child/ren?

  • Abbe Laine Schiowitz writes: “We lovelovelove the Natural History Museum at Amherst College, admission is free and if there is a lecture or tour they have no problem with you listening in/following. We also enjoy our historical society, town cemeteries, and our library.”
  • Wendy Somes writes: “The history museum at the Springfield Museums uses planes, motorcycles and vintage cars to teach the Valley’s industrial history. Kids love it. FYI – there are firearms too but you can avoid them pretty easily.”
  • Heide Kaldenbach Montemayor writes: “Historical fiction and the music from that time/place.”
  • Michael Phillips writes: “Read stories from “We Were There Too” … By Phillip Hoose. Young people in US history. Great book showing how young people have made a difference and helped change the world.”
  • Maureen Cooper MacPhail writes: History.com trivia game.”
  • Abbe Laine Schiowitz writes: “One more…Great Falls Discovery Center in Turners Falls, as the Pioneer Valley would not exist without the Connecticut River and its super interesting story.”
  • Sienna Wildfield writes: “The Meekins Library has several discovery kit that are excellent for exploring history with children, including U.S.A. Heroes and Heroines, Revolutionary War and the Birth of the U.S.A., Native Americans, and Colonial America.  — We also love exploring Historic Deerfield, Hancock Shaker Village and Old Sturbridge Village, and many local libraries have free museum passes to loan their patrons too”

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  1. abbe laine said,

    April 13, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    Inspired by your question here are two of our adventures…
    from Friday, the Amherst College Natural History Museum:
    from Monday, our town’s cemetery:
    Thank you Hilltown Families, xo

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