All Invited to Participate in a Community Geography Expo

Participants Invited to Community Geography Expo
Sunday, May 22nd, 2-4pm
Stockbridge Library

What is the expo? Coordinator Teresa O’Brient writes:

All are welcomed to participate in the 3rd annual community geography expo at the Stockbridge Library. All attendees receive a passport to have "stamped" as they visit each country (table).

It’s sort of like a science fair for geography. Students choose a country, study it on their own, (or whole families can do it together, or friends might do a country together…. any combination is fine), but usually a student will do it on their own. A table will be available at the expo for the student to show his/her work. It’s that simple. Usually, the student will get a tri-fold board (like the ones available at the Dollar Store or at Staples) and glue pictures, maps, information about that country right on the board. Sometimes students make things that pertain to the country. For example, when my son did Holland last year he made a paper mache windmill. Sometimes students collect or borrow things from the country to put on display. For example, my son borrowed wooden shoes from someone we know who once lived in Amsterdam. Sometimes the student will bring or make food from the country. Simple food is best because there’s no kitchen available. When my older son did Ireland the first year we did this, he made Irish soda bread and people who came to see his table got to have a taste.

This is the 3rd year we’ll be holding the expo. It’s mostly just home schoolers doing it, but anyone is welcome to do it. Last year we had a woman from France who now lives in Stockbridge (and is in her 80’s) present France. In the past we have also had high school exchange students come and set up a table about their countries. Unfortunately, because this year we are holding it in May, most of the exchange students are already back home for the year so I don’t think we will have any exchange students at this one

We make and hand out “passports” to folks attending the expo so they can go around and visit each country (table) and have their passport “stamped.” This is to get the younger kids in attendance involved and interested. I’ve listed the countries that people have already signed up to do below. We don’t mind if students do the same country as someone else, but we strive for variety. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

Countries already registered: Egypt, Cuba or Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, Columbia, France, Guatemala, and Ethiopia.

Photo credit: (ccl) D Sharon Pruitt

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