Lullabies to Lull Your Kids to La-La Land

Sleepy Kids’ Lullabies

Sleeping baby.

Getting your kids to sleep can be a real challenge. Some parents are blessed with children who simply fall asleep on their own, sleep all night, and probably even take one or two naps a day!

Not me, oh no, getting Ivan to sleep has been hard work. We’ve been through plans and even met with renowned sleep expert Dr. Ferber. I’m happy to report that Ivan now sleeps very well at night, but I do still rely on lullaby music to calm him and get him in a sleeping mood for his afternoon nap.

If you are looking for some sweet, soothing tunes to help lull your kids to sleep, too, here are our favorites:

Charlie Hope’s lullaby CD, World of Dreams, is a wonderful CD for relaxing your child and getting them in the mood for sleep. The songs move from one to the other very nicely so there aren’t any jarring shifts and Charlie’s voice is simply beautiful.

If you haven’t already been listening non-stop to Charlie’s other CD, I’m Me!, then you’ve been missing out! And if you have, then you already know how wonderful a Charlie Hope lullaby CD must be!

The Wiggles Go To Sleep Jeff! is a classic in our house. Featuring both slower-paced versions of other Wiggle songs (like Take a Trip Out On the Sea) and more traditional lullabies (like Brahms’ Lullaby), this CD will definitely do the trick.

The CD also presents lullabies from around the world (my favorite is the Maranoa Lullaby from central Australia), but one thing to look out for are the introductions to each song. Since a lot of these songs have really interesting stories behind them, the Wiggles recorded short introductions to each song to explain where it comes from or what’s going on. This can make it hard for a child to fall asleep, so it’s best to play it from your iPod with the intros removed.

Party Like a Twinkle StarCharity and the JamBand designed their new album, Party Like a Twinkle Star, around a brilliant concept: create two discs, one to play when you’re ready to party and one to play when you’re ready to sleep. The lullaby CD is really quite soothing and has become one of our favorite CDs for relaxing to.

The songs are all very positive, too. I like The Reminder, a song that reminds us and our children about how important we all are. Ivan loves their version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star because it’s both familiar and new at the same time.

If after listening to some of these lullaby CDs you’re still finding it hard to get your child to sleep, you may want to check out this article on common sleep problems and their solutions or this one on creating a sleep plan for your child.

Good luck, good night, and sweet dreams!

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