Q&A: Where’s Your Favorite Sugar Shack in Western MA?

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Collecting sap in Cummington, MA. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Sugar season is fast approaching! Where’s your favorite sugar bush or sugar shack to take the family during Maple sugar season?

  • Anita Morehouse recommends: “Growing up we always went to Gould’s in Shelburne… or was it Charlemont?”
  • Jenny Giering recommends: High Hopes Farm in South Worthington on Rt. 112! Open every Saturday & Sunday from 2/26 to Easter 7 AM – 2 PM. Awesome breakfast & great syrup!”
  • Maryellen Smith Rousseau recommends: “Love both South Face Farm in Ashfield and Steve’s Sugar Shack in Westhampton.”
  • Tish Serrani recommends: “Straw Bale Cafe at Hanging Mountain Farm in Westhampton. Try the eggbake, it’s yummy.”
  • Jill Robinson recommends: “On opening day, this Saturday Feb. 26, Steve’s Sugar Shack (Westhampton) will be donating a portion of that day’s profits to Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity. Check it out! You can find out more on Habitat’s Facebook page.”
  • Leslie A. Keller recommends: “So far…. Red Bucket… they have the best carrot-cake pancakes ever!!”
  • Karen Lucas recommends: “Love the Red Bucket! Can’t wait til this weekend when they are open!!!”
  • Sienna Wildfield recommends: “We too love going to Red Bucket Sugar Shack in Worthington.  They serve a nice breakfast and it’s so much fun to watch them boil down the sap while waiting for a table!”
  • Patty Pike Greene recommends: “I very much miss Gray’s Sugarhouse in Ashfield… but close second is Southface Sugarhouse in Ashfield!!! Can’t wait!”
  • Shoshona King recommends: “I love the North Hadley Sugar Shack. Maple milk shakes in the summer, harvest veggies in the fall, Christmas trees & onions in the winter, and of course maple sugar as a 1st sign that spring is coming.”
  • Stephanie Gale recommends: “I like Davenport in Shelburne! But now that we moved to Easthampton, we found that we love North Hadley Sugar Shack.”
  • Shannon Soones Golden recommends: “North Hadley!”
  • Patricia Loomis recommends: “Red Bucket!”
  • Amy Meehan Higgins recommends: “I love all of them…but have a weakness for corn fritters and a beautiful drive…so South Face it is!”
  • Rebecca Dejnak recommends: “Williams Farm in Deerfield.”
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Massachsetts map of sugarhouse distribution

There are many area sugar shacks to bring your family to during sugar season that serve breakfast with the fresh maple syrup. Be sure to call ahead for schedules.

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  1. We love visiting Williams Farm and North Hadley Sugar Shack. But this year wanted to try some of these further afield choices. I have two children who do not do well with waiting. We’ve gotten going to Williams down to a science where we do not hit too many crowds, but what times are best at some of these other places to be able to sit and eat relatively quickly?

  2. **** Correction on my post, take a right just past the church. ~ Mindy

  3. Windy Hill Farm Sugar House, Sam Hill Road, Worthington. Opening on March 2nd @ 8 AM. Located just off of Rt.112, take a left just past the church. They have the best French Toast, Breakfast Sandwiches and Pancakes! Boiling done on site. Plus, I have heard a rumor of a Pancake Challenge. Well worth the drive from anywhere in the Valley.

  4. Thank you Hilltown Families for the great giveaway. We made it to South Face Farms in Ashfield the last day they were open. It was such a quaint little place. You can see all of the equipment when you walk in and even watch the sugaring process if they are doing it that day. The restaurant portion has an adorable rustic feel and the staff is very friendly. They serve everything from cider donuts to homemade cinnamon swirl french toast topped with maple walnut ice cream and blueberries! Of course you can purchase maple products such as pure maple syrup and maple cream. They also sell their homemade breads and cider donuts. We had a delicious breakfast and purchased some maple candy for the ride home. Thanks again!

  5. Ours, of course – Graves Sugarhouse in Shelburne!

    Last year (while not boiling), my son and I visited 32 sugarhouses throughout MA, VT, and NH. Berkshire Gold in Heath is way cool!

    Rebecca – My parents use to make donuts every Sunday morning in the ’70s for Edgar to serve in the restaurant.

  6. I went to Gould’s even as a kid. There’s a picture of me somewhere from the Recorder as a preschooler around 1975 maybe at Gould’s. For the person who said Charlemont or Shelburne- it’s Shelburne on Route 2 between Greenfield and Shelburne Falls. Gould’s probably gets more business than Davenport’s because it’s on Route 2 and Davenports is a little off the beaten path. I miss Gray’s too. I have family in Ashfield. Now that I’ve left West County and moved over to East County (I guess?) it is harder to find places. We will probably be going to the North Hadley Sugar Shack this year. It is more commericalized/touristy than some, but it is still very good.
    I’m trying to remember.. does Pine Hill Orchards in Colrain do anything? It seems like they MIGHT, but I’m not sure if they do.

  7. North Hadley Sugar Shack! Great maple syrup and the best pancakes. We are proud to offer both in our custom designed gift baskets.

  8. We enjoy Williams Farm on 5&10 in Deerfield, simple breakfast but always good. The maple cream topped donuts are delicious.

  9. Thank you for sharing this, Sharon! It’s great to know that families can visit the High Hopes Sugarhouse this fall when the leaves are peaking!

  10. The leaves are changing & autumn is almost here. The sweet smells of maple syrup will be wafting from the High Hopes Sugarhouse in Worthington, Ma on route 112. Every March & October we enjoy the all-you-can-eat buffet that is offered by the Rowe Family. There isn’t anything the Rowes have forgotten. In October visitors are offered a additional special treat, it’s decorated for Halloween! Do take a enjoyable ride up 112 and stop by. You’ll be glad you did!

  11. The Red Bucket Sugar Shack In Worthington Ma is my favorite! It is a family tradition to go there every year for my grandparents birthdays ( both in March) They are the best!

  12. Steve’s Sugar Shack in Westhampton and Straw Bale Cafe in Westhampton are our favorites. Steve’s down home…quick in and out…
    Straw Bale…stay awhile and definitely try the special baked oatmeal!
    If we are driving farther, we also like the breakfast at High Hopes.
    yum yum!!!!

  13. We love Steve’s Sugar Shack in Westhampton. But whatever! The sugars we lucky ones taste are the flavor of our biome. And we’re lucky!

    (Did I say that already?)

  14. We’ve been going to Gould’s since before the kids were born, so about 10 years! The pancakes are the best in the whole wide world. Better than Elmer’s (sorry, Elmer’s!). The sour pickles with the sweet and syrupy cakes…ah! If you go on a weekend morning, be prepared to wait.

  15. Hadley Sugar Shack…for sure!!! We did their snow maple candy a few weeks ago and it was divine, xo

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