Big Dance Party Tonight in the Hilltowns for All Ages!

Big Dance Party Tonight for All Ages!

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Last night I dreamed that we were all set up at Elmer’s for a huge and gorgeous birthday party for one of our customers. (I think it was for Nancy Dunne, but I can’t remember for sure.) Gretchen had made a bee-youtiful birthday cake—large and white with pink roses that said, “Happy Birthday!” and it sat among the festoons as we got ready.

Suddenly I looked up and saw someone eating a piece of cake. I ran back to the birthday cake and saw that indeed, a huge—AND SLOPPILY CUT!—piece was missing from the cake and the customer was sitting down eating their big-ass piece of somebody else’s birthday cake!

I was so mad that I was yelling myself hoarse that “THIS IS SOMEONE’S BIRTHDAY CAKE! YOU CAN’T JUST EAT IT! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND???!!!”

And no one cared.

What does this mean?


Hey! Tonight (Tuesday, 2/22/11) is Elissa and Brian’s Happy Dance Party at Elmer’s from 7-9pm (396 Main St. in Ashfield, MA). Open to everyone! Tall people! Short people! Really short little tiny people who can barely dance yet! People who can dance really well! People who can’t dance but just like to go out and move around where no one cares about their dancing ability! People who just want to go someplace and have dessert! People who want to work up a sweat! People who like music! (I guess you would have to want to hear music to come.) But if you just wanted to hang out and have dessert, you could sit with your friends in the side room while everybody else danced!

It’s free to come and dance! Desserts, coffee, beer and stuff costs money, but you don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to. It’s for everyone! Whole families to singles! All are invited!

7 pm – 9pm



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