12 Comments on “Sledding Hills in Western MA

  1. Frog Hill in Grenville Park in Ware is a huge hill and great for sledding.

  2. The hill behind Pearl Thodes Elementary School in Leyden. Great variety of steepness, fun for all ages!!

  3. For an area filled with as many hills as North Adams, is, you may be surprised to hear that the best sledding in the Northern Berkshires is found at local golf courses. In Williamstown at the Taconic golf course, located on Water st. In Adams, at the Adams golf course. And lastly, Braytonville Elementary School, has a great hill to hit as well but that spot is usually pretty crowded. Cheers

  4. The sledding hill at Mary Lynch Elementary School (Springfield) on North Branch Parkway is great. The hill is steep and is a good distance from the road/parking lots.

  5. We like behind Smith College, take Route 66 going to Westhampton, the hill is near the old State Hospital, on your right side heading West. It is also across from the Smith College equestrian barn…. this is a big hill and usually has lots of college kid – for the more adventurous kid.

  6. It is all about Hospital Hill near Smith College in Northampton!

  7. Southwick High School. The hill there is long! And no traffic to contend with!

  8. I like East Mountain Country Club – have not been this year yet but in previous years it was great.

  9. Regarding Sledding at The Clarke School for the Deaf. It is private property, and just recently, our family and friends were asked to leave. I don’t recommend going there at all. JFK is great and open to all.

  10. If you really want a WILD ride go to Hospital Hill in Northampton – epic and steep!!

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