A Day at the Bowling Alley

We Went Bowling!

Wow. My kids have been home from school way too much of this winter. It’s wearing me out!  When my three boys can go outside to play, snow days can be sweet. They play. I bake. We play board games. They beat me at Mario Cart again. But ice storms and below zero temps are really not that fun.

To shake off our mid-winter blues, my mom and I took the boys to Spare Time in Northampton. We hadn’t tried a bowling adventure for the whole family before now. The older boys have been to bowling birthday parties, and Isaac even joined an after-school bowling club. My youngest son Henry was a preschooler then, and when we picked Isaac up around 5pm, Henry referred to the bowling alley as “Pretend Wii Bowling.”

Mmm, not quite. It was time to put Wii bowling in its place. Spare Time is a very kid friendly bowling alley in Northampton. We were a big crowd — eight in total — on two lanes, and there are plenty of specials and deals to make it more affordable. We rented shoes and bowled two games. The staff put up the side bumpers on the lane for the kids. They also brought my youngest son Theo a little bowling ramp. He could hoist his 6lb ball up to the top of the ramp, line up his shot & roll it down the ramp. I gotta say, he was really pretty good. My 6yo son Henry used the ramp at times too, and at other times bowled it properly.

It was bitter cold. We spent two hours moving around, jumping, shouting, cheering and clapping. And everyone around us was doing the same.  They were being the perfectly loud and bouncy for the bowling alley. It was perfection on a cold winter’s day. Did we just find our winter sport?


Karen Bayne

Karen grew up in Manhattan and lived in Connecticut before moving to Northampton with her husband Matt to raise their boys. Her sons Isaac, Henry and Theo are 11, 6 and 4,  leaving Karen on a search for all the “just right adventures” that will wow them and wear them out.  She works as a birth doula, childbirth and parent educator in the greater Northampton area. She writes about mothering at Needs New Batteries and about birth in our culture at Gentle Balance Birth.


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