Q&A: What’s Your Family’s Favorite Indoor and Outdoor Snowy Day Activities

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Wanted: Snow day activity recommendations! Any activity suggestions on what to do with the kids?

  • Sabine N Merz writes: Help your neighbor shovel.
  • Megan Sherman writes: Pajama Party. PJs all day, family friendly movies, popcorn, and cocoa!!
  • Diane Hinze Kanzler writes: After we dig out the farm, we’ll be making peanut butter cookies. We also like to read picture books together and act out the stories.
  • Amanda Florek writes: Cozy PJs, movies and hot coco.
  • Beth Caissie writes: Go outside with a tape measure (too deep for a ruler!) and measure the snow all over your yard – what differences do you see? Where’s it deepest, where’s it shallowest? It’s a math lesson and earth science lesson and fun in the snow! Now that you’re out there… sled down your front steps or anything w/a little verticality, make snow angels, burrow under the snow, build up a mound to turn into an igloo, feed the birds, shovel a little bit, walk over to your neighbors and say hi, shovel a bit in their yard, catch the snowflakes on your tongue, catch snowflakes on a piece of black fabric, look at them with a magnifying glass…t he options are limitless if you’re dressed warmly! Yay for snow!!!!!
  • Sienna Wildfield writes: MassAudubon has Winter Walk Bingo Cards you can download and print that would make for winter fun outside exploring nature.

Have a recommendation to inspire us all?  Post in the comment box.

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  1. BTW, those Mass Audubon Bingo Cards are great.

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