Giveaway: 5 Gift Baskets from 5 Local Food Businesses in Western Mass

Hilltown Families turned five at the turn of the year … and we are celebrating all year long!  This month we are offering 5 Gift Baskets from 5 Local Food Businesses, celebrating local food and businesses with a sample of products from Dean’s Beans, Tea Guys, Bart’s Ice Cream, Dufresne’s Sugar House, and Appalachian Naturals.

Deadline to enter to win is Friday, February 4th.  Five winners will be randomly selected and announced during the opening reception for Hilltown Families: A Traveling Photography Exhibit Featuring Life and Landscape in Western MA at Cup & Top Café in Florence on February 5th and must be present to win. All of the businesses included in the giveaway have products that are used or sold at the cafe. Details below.

One thing you can say about families in Western Mass is we are committed to creating healthy communities for our children to grow and thrive in.  One avenue that brings many of us together is food… more specifically, locally grown and produced food. Families and communities have come together to advocate for healthy locally grown foods to be served in our schools with programs like Fresh Wednesdays, and to celebrate these foods in our school cafeteria’s during the Massachusetts Harvest for Students Week.

Together we support family farms by choosing to purchase our food as local as possible, and shop all year round at both summer and winter farmers’ markets.  We like to discuss ways to prepare our garden surplus for the dinner table, where to pick local fruits, and organize ways we can share our bounty with neighbors.  In the fall, community harvest dinners bring together families to celebrate with events like the annual Free Harvest Supper of Local Food, and Western Mass restaurants often prepare their menus with locally grown produce. —  Our community is strong with the voice of many activists too and has rallied behind opportunities like creating a community farm, forming a perennial food growing group,  and supporting free workshops on food security. — We have a lot to be proud of living here in Western Mass, and our local food culture is one of the many reasons why!

Here on Hilltown Families we give a visual glimpse into our local food culture with photographic images taken at the multitude of family farms, community events and farmers’ markets happening in our region. Hilltown Families: A Traveling Photography Exhibit Featuring Life and Landscape in Western MA debuts this February in Florence with an opening reception on Saturday, February 5th from 5-7pm at Cup and Top Café in Florence, MA (1 North Main St. 585-0445).  As the show travels to different local businesses and institutes, the images will change, showcasing images relative to the season and the host town. The debut show at Cup and Top Café will include images from the Ashfield Farmers’ Market, Northampton Tuesday Market, Summit Farm (Plainfield), Florence Farmers’ Market, Clarksdale Farm (Deerfield), Free Harvest Supper (Greenfield), Red Gate Farm (Buckland), among others.

Both Hilltown Families and Cup and Top Café are celebrating their 5th birthdays and the café has been a proud sponsor of Hilltown Families for the past couple of years. Helen Kahn, owner of the café writes, “Over the last five years the café has literally grown up alongside Hilltown Families, and during that time we have developed a sort of symbiotic relationship. The café provides a physical space that compliments what Hilltown Families has created online for families.”

“The café is a great family friendly destination,” shares Sienna Wildfield, Founder of Hilltown Families. “Helen’s commitment to supporting local farms, local artists and local businesses can be seen on her menu and on her walls.  The café is the perfect spot to debut Hilltown Families: A Traveling Photography Exhibit Featuring Life and Landscape in Western MA.”

On the evening of the opening reception, Hilltown Families will announce the winners of each of the 5 gift baskets from 5 local food businesses. These business are featured below and have been selected for the giveaway because all of them have products that are used or sold at the Cup and Top Café. Find out how to enter to win below (it’s super easy), and make plans to come to the opening reception on Saturday, February 5th from 5-7pm at Cup & Top Café (1 North Main St. 585-0445). Must be present to win! Come show your support of Hilltown Families and maybe even walk home with a fabulous gift basket to add spark to your kitchen!

Dean’s Beans (Orange, MA)

GIVEAWAY: Dean’s Beans Gift Box includes a 12oz. bag of Moka Sumatra, a 12oz. bag of Peruvian French Roast Decaf, a Putumayo CD with music from the coffeelands, Javatrekker: Dispatches from the World of Fair Trade Coffee written by Dean Cycon, Dean’s Bean Travel Mug, a Large Dean’s Beans T-Shirt, a 12 oz. bag of Organic Hot Cocoa Mix, a 12 oz. bag of Organic Baking Cocoa, a 24 oz. bag of Organic Sugar, and a pound of Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans. (Value: $85)

Social activism, ecological responsibility, and great coffee meet at Dean’s Beans, a family-owned certified organic, fair trade coffee roaster. Offering fair priced, great tasting products that support peaceful social change, Dean’s Beans is characterized by an unyielding commitment to ethical business practices, people-centered development, and sound ecological practices. The quality of their products is a reflection of the quality of life of our farm partners. The health and strength of their communities are integral to our success. We design and fund grassroots development projects in the villages where we buy our beans. To read about these projects please visit our website at

Appalachian Naturals (Goshen, MA)

GIVEAWAY: Sundried Tomato Horserdish Dip (12 oz): Rustic blend of freshly grated horseradish roots, farm fresh buttermilk, & a touch of sundried tomatoes. Chipotle Bleu Cheese Dip (12 oz): Spicy southwest sauce with fresh buttermilk, bleu cheese & smoky chipotle peppers. Chipotle Honey Mustard (10 oz): Sweet & spicy mustard with honey from Warm Colors Apiary. Cape Cod Caviar (10 oz): Organic cranberry sauce sweetened with agave nectar instead of sugar, loaded with Cape Cod cranberries. (Value: $45)

Since 2004 Appalachian Naturals has been committed to bridging the gap between local agriculture and the grocery aisle, with a slogan “Local Agriculture Is Everyone’s Business.” Located 20 miles east of the Berkshire region of the Appalachian Mountains in the Hilltowns of Western  Mass, their dressings, dips, organic salsas, and barbecue sauces are made locally using ingredients from local farms & artisans; such as: Mapleline Farm, Warm Colors Apiary, Atlas Farm, South River Miso, Red Fire Farm, and Holiday Brook Farm. Appalachian Naturals can be purchased at local markets and co-ops, or at seasonal farmers’ markets and farm stands. Favorites include Sundried Tomato Horseradish, Organic Salsa Veracruz, Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette, and Applewood Smoked Barbecue Sauce.

Dufresne’s Sugar House (Williamsburg, MA)

GIVEAWAY: Dufresne’s Sugar House is offering a gift basket containing a pint each of Light Amber Maple Syrup and Dark Amber Maple Syrup and five packets of maple candy made from the finest early-season light amber maple syrup. (Value: $38)

Located in the beautiful hilltowns of Western Mass, Dufresne’s Sugar House has been making award-winning maple syrup for four generations. That’s over 100 years of sugaring experience!  The Dufresne family works for the maple sugaring season all year round, practicing sustainable forest management, and harvesting  their syrup with a smoke-free, wood-burning evaporator.  They offer three grades of 100% pure and natural maple syrup, along with maple candy, maple cream, maple sugar block and Indian sugar.  Their maple candy make great table/party favors and all maple products are available for both home and commercial use, shipping out daily to customers from MA to California. Find out more about Dufresne’s Sugar House at

Bart’s Ice Cream (Greenfield, MA)

GIVEAWAY: Barbara and Gary are offering coupons for one pint of Bart’s Super Premium Ice Cream (redeemable in grocers in Hampshire and Franklin Counties and in the Berkshires in select stores); and one 56 oz. carton of Snow’s Premium Ice Cream (redeemable in grocers in Hampshire and Franklin Counties). They’re also offering a 9 oz jar of Bart’s Homemade Hot Fudge; and a Bart’s long sleeved t-shirt with“Think Local, Buy Bart’s” on the back (Value: $35)

Bart’s Super Premium Ice Cream and Snow’s Premium Ice Cream has been using locally sourced, high quality ingredients since the 1970’s. The Snow’s brand is a family priced premium product that sells in 1/2 gallons, while Bart’s is a super-premium, that appeals to adults who want something special and are willing to pay a bit more for it. Over the past 3 decades, owners Barbara and Gary discovered they are also passionate about giving back to their community. 1% of their gross sales is donated yearly to charities and fund raisers. They also contribute their time to community boards (CISA and River Valley Market) and are committed to supporting organizations that work toward eliminating environmental and social problems.

Tea Guys (Hatfield, MA)

GIVEAWAY: This Tea Guys gift box includes a selection of three tins of our unique blends: Tropical Green tea, Pomegranate Pear fruit tisane, and Toffee Chocolate Hazelnut black tea, alongside a ceramic teapot with a stainless steel strainer for brewing the perfect cup of tea. (Value: $65)

Tea Guys is a local family-owned business specializing in artisan whole leaf loose tea blends. Their culinary-inspired tea creations are blended in small batches daily and made with the finest loose tea from around the world, freshly hand-milled spices, vanilla bean, dried fruits, nuts and artisan ingredients to create unique and colorful blends that stimulate the eyes, nose, and palate – and truly taste like no other tea.


Your chance to win one of these glorious gift baskets is as easy as 1-2-3 (4-5)! To win simply:


  2. TELL US HOW HILLTOWN FAMILIES HAS HELPED YOU DISCOVER WESTERN MA LOCAL FOOD CULTURE in the comment box below, and be sure to tell us your
  3. FULL NAME and where you
  4. LIVE (TOWN/STATE) Must include your town and state to be eligible. We’ll randomly draw a winner from those who participate and the winner will be announced during the open reception as explained below.
  5. ACCURATE EMAIL in the email field of the comment box (we never share your email address).

IT’S THAT SIMPLE! —  Deadline to enter to win is Friday, February 4th, 2011 by 7pm (EST).  Five different winners will win one of the above mentioned baskets during the opening reception of Hilltown Families: A Traveling Photography Exhibit Featuring Life and Landscape in Western MA on Saturday, February 5th from 5-7pm at Cup and Top Café in Florence, MA (1 North Main St. 585-0445). Winners will be announced at 6:30pm and must be present to win. If you have any questions, please contact us before entering to win at

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  1. I live in Florence, MA. I love reading about the all of the wonderful eateries in the area. I often go to Cup and Top for great coffee and a relaxing ambience.

  2. Hilltown Families is great for not only helping find the best places to pick our seasonal fruits and vegetables but has helped keep me informed of all the amazing activities and events in our area for us to enjoy with our children.

  3. So many options to sort through for finding good local food & family-friendly entertainment. Hilltown Families makes it easier to find the best of! Hadley, MA

  4. We’re in Hadley, MA. I really appreciate that Hilltown Families helps me find wholesome activities for my two sons. Esp. loving the winter farmer’s markets lately!

  5. Love love love hearing about the farmer’s markets!

  6. We love heading to the farmer’s markets and farm festivals that are listed on Hilltown Families. And we’ve found that our kids eat veggies much more willingly when we talk about which farmer grew them, which fields they came out of, etc. Thanks for being a great resource.
    Deborah Doulette
    Whately, MA

  7. We’ve gotten great restaurant and u-pick farm information from Hilltown Families. And lots of great kids activities, too!

    Florence, MA

  8. I’ve learned about the local farmers markets and local food producers.
    Shutesbury, MA

  9. I really appreciate learning about local farmers markets & where to pick your own fruits via the newsletter and web site.

    Shutesbury, MA

  10. Thanks to Hilltown Families, we went apple picking in Ashfield, and also “picked” our Christmas tress there as well! I look forward to receiving the weekly events update. Thank you and keep up the great work–it’s appreciated!

  11. I love Hilltown Families; and in particular “Saturdays’ Best” through Facebook. HFs helps me remain more connected to western Massachusetts community happenings; and increases our awareness of local happenings involving sustainable agriculture, outside activities/nature, and area businesses and artists…
    I can more effectively support the local economy and feed my family better because of Hilltown Families.

  12. I’ve appreciated sharing pick-your-own info with others.

    Diane Kanzler
    Greenfield, MA

  13. Belchertown, MA

    I love seeing these products from local producers! Who knew so much great stuff was made right here? Great job, Hilltown Families!

  14. Christa
    ooops forgot my Town!!! Holyoke, MA

  15. I didn’t realize there was a Bart’s in Greenfield. I am an ice cream addict and not ashamed to admit it!

  16. Great to hear about the Greenfield Winter Farmer’s Market on this site. Hilltown Families does its part to promote sustenance for families AND farmers!
    Greenfield, MA

  17. I have just found this website and how wonderful! I try very hard to buy locally and have found a couple of places I didn’t know about. The Tea Guys sounds great!

  18. I have just found this website and how wonderful! I try very hard to buy locally and have found a couple of places I didn’t know about. The Tea Guys sounds great!

  19. I look to Hilltown Families for things to do with the kids, for finding new restaurants, for exploring fun and kid friendly places to go with my 5 year old twins. We love Cup and Top, Bread Euphoria, and Dean’s Beans helps mom and dad carry on to keep on going to all these great places. I can’t say enough good things about Appalachian Naturals, they are a great asset to local foods and the Hilltowns, using local products and local resources.

    Thanks all.

    Niki Wortis, Cummington, MA

  20. I hadn’t heard of Appalachian Naturals before.

    Jessica Morris, Noho MA

  21. I am familiar with Dean’s Bean and Barts – but the Tea Guys, Appalachian Naturals, and Dufresne’s Sugar House are new to us. We know ,though, that if they are on your website – they have to be good! Looking forward to checking these products out ; )
    Thank you!
    Crista and Eric

  22. Living in central IL, you have really been my only exposure to your own regional food culture. I love hearing all about it and finding similarities between you and our our own area. (And I wish we had a perennial food growing group here!!)

  23. Chesterfield, MA

    I loved all the places I learned about to pick strawberries, blueberries, and apples!

  24. We live in Chicopee, Ma and we love checking to see what going on in the area using Hilltown family on facebook. I do check out the website, but I love the postings on facebook. It allows me to find out what happening in the area to keep my son busy, entertained and see some great things. We hope to make it to the birds of prey on 2/6 in Greenfield!! Thanks so much for doing what you do!!

  25. Granby, MA
    New to the area and Hilltown Families made me feel connected to the area and helped me find activities for my family.

  26. I live in Granby, MA and just found out about Hilltown Families via RedFire Farm. Looking forward to receiving more information and updates.

  27. Florence MA, Hilltown families is a great source for sugaring activities when the sap starts running. Can’t wait.

  28. We also live in Leeds and we just recently discovered and joined Hilltown Families. We really appreciate getting info on local, family friendly events and other info relevant to our family without having to filter the usual muck found in the local papers. Thanks!

  29. Woo! Amazing giveaway idea. Vive Hilltown Families!

  30. Hello,
    I live in Leeds (Northampton), MA, and was thrilled to find out about Hilltown Families last year. I now receive news frequently by email and often follow the link to the web site. Thanks to you, I have learned about Special menus and events at Bread Euphoria, my favorite local food place. As the parent of a kindergartner, I also frequent Cup and Top and have appreciated the updates about their music events and special dishes there too.
    Thank you!

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