You Never Know What’s Going to Happen…

Things That Happen When You Think They’re Not Going To

My friend Nancy from Minnesota visited my friend Stuart in New York a couple of weeks ago for Christmas, and, Christmas evening they decided to go see a movie. Nancy called me on her cell phone on the way to the movie. My parents and I were just getting ready to sit down to dinner and so I said, “Call me on the way home.”

So they went to the movie and out to eat, and when they got home Stuart’s house was gone. They had left a perfectly good brownstone right there in the middle of the block, and when they came back there was only fire trucks and the Red Cross van and the house was pretty much gone.

It appears it started in the basement with bad wiring.

So then, some wealthy friends of theirs invited them to live at their gorgeous mansion for the week while Stuart figured out what to do. So they lived in the lap of luxury for a week, and Stuart found that since he lived in the ground-floor apartment, he had not lost as much stuff as those who lived above him had. So that was good, and Nancy did not lose her flute after all, as she thought she had.

And best of all, the Vermont sausage and the Bear Meadow honey I had sent them came out unharmed, as well, so that was very good.

And then Stuart and his landlord found a nice apartment near his wealthy friends’ house where they plan to stay until the house is rebuilt.

But they thought they were just going to see a movie, just as I thought I was just going on temporary vacation on July 10th, 2005 when I ended up here for life.

You just never know what’s going to happen when you decide to step out for a moment. There’s a thought for a new year, isn’t it?


Nan Parati - Elmer's StoreNan Parati

Nan is the proprietor of Elmer’s Store in Ashfield, MA. A New England transplant from the Deep South, Nan shares her southern wit, wisdom and charm in her column, “Notes from Nan.”


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