Q&A: Holiday Gifts for Teachers

Question and Answer

Ever wonder what students gave back in the 1800's to their teachers for the holidays? Apples? (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield - The Little Red School in Charlemont, MA)

Any suggestions on a meaningful gift to give to a teacher for the holidays?

  • Amberly Warnke recommends: “Something nice related to what you learned in his or her class?”
  • Marianne Bullock recommends: “Elderberry syrup to fend off the colds!”
  • Andrea Slattery recommends: “How about a card made by the student(s) with a thoughtful message of their favorite thing they learned about.”

Share your recommendations here.

One Comment on “Q&A: Holiday Gifts for Teachers

  1. My sister is a teacher and her favorite gifts are thoughtful notes from her students and/or parents. Her next favorite are gift cards for coffee or dunkin donuts or any local coffee stop.

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