A Cure for What Ails: How to Stay Healthy in the Happy Valley

An Introduction

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest addition to our team of contributing writers, Tony(a) Lemos of Blazing Star Herbal School, with her monthly column, A Cure For What Ails. Tony(a) will be sharing monthly excerpts from the out of print book, A Cure for What Ails, a book of folk remedies from the Pioneer Valley here in Western Mass.

Rosemary Gladstar writes:

This book is a real treasure. Let’s hope it doesn’t get lost on the bookshelf among the more polished books with fancy covers, because as an herb book, as a collection of folk remedies, and as a compendium of down home sensible living, this is a big book with real soul.

A Cure for What Ails began as a project between editor Tony(a) Lemos and singer songwriter Dar Williams when they decided over “a cup of coffee” to “harness the spirit and wisdom of the favorite folk remedies of the local’s of the Pioneer Valley. They could not have done a finer job. One not only finds excellent remedies- well organized, by the way- but tidbits of earthy wisdom, poems written by locals and wise sayings from the folks of the Happy Valley. “

A Cure for What Ails is a collection of tidbits for living well, remedies for common ailments, and wise words for staying healthy written by folks who use their suggestions. That’s what I loved about this small delectable tome -it is a book of common sense practices flavored with just the perfect touch of spice! Thank you, Tony(a), Dar and Diana. You create a real jewel not only for people of Pioneer Valley but for all of us who  appreciate simple remedies for living well.

Rosemary Gladstar
Author Herbal Healing for Women, founder of California School of Herbal Studies, Sage Mountain and United Plant Savers.

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Tony(a) LemosTony(a) Lemos

Tony(a) is the director of Blazing Star Herbal School in Ashfield, MA, she also maintains an herbal medicine practice in Western Mass. She is a graduate of Natural Therapy at Raworth College in England and has apprenticed with many influential herbalist, including Susun Weed. She has taught at conferences and festivals all over New England, including Green Nations Gathering, Falcon Ridge Folk Fest and the Women’s Herbal Conference.

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