A Year in Review Episode: Hilltown Family Variety Show (Podcast/Radio Show)

A Year in Review Episode

Saturday from 9-10am & Sunday from 7-8am
December 4th & 5th, 2010
WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA

Featured Video: Secret Agent 23 Skidoo – “Chase the Rain” [Underground Playground]

FIDS & KAMILY AWARDS: For the fourth year in a row, we’ve participated as a judge for the Fids and Kamily Awards: “The Fids and Kamily Poll is the first compilation of year-end kids and family music “best of” lists from critics, writers, radio programmers, and others involved in the music industry. The poll was launched in 2006 and was inspired by the Village Voice’s long-running “Pazz and Jop” music poll. The full results of the poll, including essays on the top 10 albums and a listing of other nominated albums, are available at the Fids and Kamily website (www.fidsandkamily.com).”

HFVS 10 BEST OF 2010: This weeks episode features some of the great new music we played this past year and considered for the Fids & Kamily Awards.  Look for our 10 Best Of 2010 list in the weeks to come!

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A Year in Review Playlist

  • Elizabeth Mitchell – “Green, Green Rocky Road” [Sunny Day]
  • The Real Tuesday Weld – “Little Boxes” [Sing Me to Sleep – Indie Lullabies]
  • The Okee Dokee Brothers – “The Naked Truth” [Take it Outside]
  • Flannery Brothers – “Pirate or Parrot?” [New Explorers Club]
  • The Sweet Colleens – “The Terrible Twos Step” [The Monkey Dance: All the Kids are Doin’ it!]
  • Caspar Babypants – “Dog Gone Gone Dog Gone” [More Please!]
  • Charity and the JAMband – “Row Row Row Your Boat” [Party Like a Twinkle Star]
  • The Verve Pipe – “When One Becomes Two” [A Family Album]
  • The Dream Jam Band – “Melanie The Mermaid” [Leave it in the Soup]
  • Randy Kaplan – “The Kid is All Id” [The Kids Are All Id]
  • Keller Williams – “Hula Hoop To Da Loop” [Kids]
  • Justin Roberts – “Fire Drill” [Jungle Gym]
  • Treehouse 10 – “There’s a Beat” [Bug in a Puddle]
  • Sugar Free Allstars – “In My Pocket” [Funky Fresh and Sugar Free]
  • Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke – “John the Rabbit” [Rise and Shine]
  • They Might Be Giants – “My Name is Kingof Socks” [Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti]
  • The Not-Its! – “Hollow Tree” [Time Out to Rock]
  • Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem – “Ranky Tanky” [Ranky Tanky]

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