Community Holiday Potlatch in the Hilltowns

4th Annual Community Holiday Potlatch
Saturday, November 27th, 2010 in Cummington, MA

The 4th Annual Community Holiday Potlatch happens on Saturday, November 27th, 2010, at the Cummington Village Congregational Church from 10AM-2PM. All are welcome to come share.

(Potlatch: A word of Chinook origin that means GIVING)

Join the community at the Fouth Community Potlatch for this new (but very OLD!) concept in gift giving at the  Village Congregational Church in Cummington, MA on November 27th from 10am-2pm. This is holiday fun with your neighbors, with more sharing and less consumption. It will even clean out your closet and save you money!

The Potlatch idea is based on a tradition of native tribal chiefs competing to see who could be the most generous. It’s an odd idea (to us!) but the “winner” was whoever gave away the most stuff. Here is the our community version:

Come to the Potlatch with as many GIFT QUALITY (IMPORTANT — if it belongs at the thrift shop, bring it there, please!) items that you already have but do not need, are not using or even plain just don’t like. Ever popular are books, toys and games, music, clothing (new quality only) and gadgets. They don’t have to be perfect or in a box, you just have to know they would make a great gift for someone else. We will display them at the Potlatch for others to choose as a gift they would like to give for the holidays. And of course, while you are there, pick out anything you see that you might like to give. All items are given and taken freely. No money is involved.

Hot drinks will be offered. Each year, food for sharing spontaneously appears. So if you are wondering, “Would it be appropriate to bring a plate of cookies?” YES!

Although we would love to see you, if you would just like to contribute “re-gifting” items but can’t be there on Saturday, Novemeber 27th, we will accept drop-offs. Please send an e-mail to so a time can be arranged.

Sponsored by: You and Your Neighbors

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