25 Recommended Pizzerias in Western MA


Country Pie in Ashfield (shown here in the fall), Antonio's in Amherst & Easthampton, and Hillside in Haldley & Deerfield were the most recommended pizzerias in Western MA. Click on the photo and share your family's favorite pizza place. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Where does your family go for a good pizza in Western MA?

  • Roberta Fortini-Curran recommends: Hot Tomatoes in Williamstown… yummy!
  • Kelly Torza recommends: Hilltown Pizza (Williamsburg).
  • Suzi Kingsley Day recommends: Country Pie in Ashfield. Wonderful!
  • Peter Freisem recommends: Country Pie Pizza in Ashfield… Best pizza east of the Mississippi!
  • Sienna Wildfield recommends: I LOVE Bread Euphoria‘s Gluten-Free pizza! (Haydenville)
  • Kristen Handschuh-Lamb recommends: North Amherst Pizza House of Amherst
  • Tamara Klein Bowman recommends: Hillside Pizza! (Hadley & Deerfield)
  • Anita Morehouse recommends: Family Pizza, Westfield.
  • Sarah Chereski recommends: A1 Hilltown (Williamsburg)
  • Karen Bayne recommends: Pizzeria Paradiso in Northampton – but I see I need to try Hillside!
  • Lisa Levheim recommends: Antonio‘s! (Amherst & Easthampton)
  • Julie Gouldman Russell recommends: Antonio‘s in either Amherst or Easthampton. They were a huge draw in the decision to move to the valley.
  • Nancyjo Craig Rongner recommends: My default answer would always be Luna but they’re gone. Sigh. I like Pizza Amore (Northampton) , Antonio‘s, and Village Pizza (in Easthampton).
  • Amanda Saklad recommends: Common Italian, Belchertown – best pizza around. Antonio‘s in Amherst will ALWAYS be great too, but a little farther to travel.
  • Colleen Henry recommends: Baba Louie’s in Great Barrington. The all-time best pizza!
  • Diane Hinze Kanzler recommends: Hillside Pizza in Deerfield.
  • Silas Holesovsky recommends: Dino’s in Holyoke. Florence Pizza in Northampton/Florence. Antonio‘s in Amherst/Easthampton.
  • Joan Griswold recommends: Country Pie Pizza in Ashfield!
  • Claudia Bukszpan Rutherford recommends: Hillside Pizza, Country Pie, Magpie!
  • Laura LeClair Grace recommends: Frontier Pizza in Sunderland, or Hillside Pizza if we’re splurgin’!
  • Jennifer Hoffman recommends: Mimmo’s or Joe’s in Northampton, MA
  • Shoshona King recommends: Hillside Pizza. Just had it today.
  • Ted Guglielmo recommends: Pizza D’Action Holyoke
  • Vicky George-Weimer recommends: In Palmer we go to the Apollo. In Monson we go to Maria’s.
  • Rae Griffiths recommends: Red Rose in Springfield. Antonio‘s in Amherst. Saporito‘s in Belchertown.
  • Estella Mollison Henninger recommends: Country Pie in Ashfield!
  • Tish Serrani recommends: It’s the sauce baby. Westfield, Family Pizza.
  • Kellie Phenicie recommends: Country Pie!!!!!
  • David Melrose recommends: Village Pizza in Easthampton!
  • Heather Johnson recommends: Sam’s in NOHO.

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7 Comments on “25 Recommended Pizzerias in Western MA

  1. Dana Park Pizza in Chicopee is my new favorite now. They opened last year in place of A1 next to the Rumbleseat, and I left Paradise Pizza for them. Paradise is pretty awful but they were next door. Only go to Dana Park now. Pizza is amazing, best around IMHO.

  2. Roberto’s in Northampton! And Sam’s does a killer slice with black beans instead of sauce and topped with avocado, tomato, and corn.

  3. Hot Tomatoes and Baba Louies also have locations in Pittsfield. And Lanesboro Pizza House has drive-thru service – it’s the only pizza place that I know of that does!

  4. I didn’t see anyone recommend Sibies Pizza in South Amherst. The sauce is one of the best that I’ve tasted and the crust is awesome. You can request “wheat”
    crust which has such a great flavor and texture. The owner, George, is originally from Chicago, where his family owned a pizza /restaurant. This guy/family knows pizza! Also, it’s nice to support local and family owned businesses. Give it try next time.

  5. How come no Mike and Tony’s in Colrain? Ain’t yous never had no good pizza before?

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