It Just Got Easier to Shop Local in Massachusetts!

Just Look for the Seal of Commonwealth Quality


Families can look for the "Seal of Commonwealth Quality" at farm stands, farmers' markets, and retail and wholesale locations beginning January 2011.

On September 28th, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) along with farm, fishery and forestry leaders announced “Commonwealth Quality,” a joint initiative that will promote local agriculture and help families identify products that are produced, harvested and responsibly processed in Massachusetts. Central to the initiative is a licensed “Seal of Commonwealth Quality” which will distinguish Massachusetts products that meet comprehensive program requirements as well as federal, state and local regulatory regulations. The seal will appear on certified Massachusetts produce, dairy, seafood and lumber products at farm stands, farmers’ markets and retail locations across the state.

“For consumers, the Commonwealth Quality seal will allow them to recognize products from local growers who maintain practices that are safe and environmentally friendly,” said DAR Commissioner Scott Soares. “For Massachusetts growers, Commonwealth Quality provides a marketing opportunity to increase their ability to meet growing consumer demand for local products. It is the ultimate win-win.”

Most state agriculture label programs do not necessitate that a product or business meet specific standards to qualify for use of a promotional logo. Commonwealth Quality establishes a clearly defined set of standards for program participants. This highly structured program and the collaboration behind it represent a significant advancement over traditional state label programs. As a result, families will be able to easily identify and enjoy certified products, knowing they are grown, harvested and processed in Massachusetts using practices that are safe and environmentally friendly.

“The Seal of Commonwealth Quality provides an assurance to our customers that food safety and environmental stewardship are practiced every day on local farms,” said Dr. Rich Bonanno, president of the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation.

“Fulfilling local needs with local products is essential to our long-term sustainability,” said Fred Heyes, owner of Heyes Forest Products and Commonwealth Quality contributor. “Commonwealth Quality will help clearly convey this message to the citizens of the Commonwealth.”

Families can look for the “Seal of Commonwealth Quality” at farm stands, farmers’ markets, and retail and wholesale locations beginning January 2011. For more information about Commonwealth Quality, visit

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