October 2nd Episode: Hilltown Family Variety Show (Podcast)

October 2nd Episode

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Featured video: The Flannery Brothers perform “Pirate or Parrot?” off of their new CD, The New Explorers Club.

Repeat Button Award
We’re loving The Okee Dokee Brothers new CD, Take it Outside.  Their combination of bluegrass and country sounds make for excellent breezy listening.  We find their songs fun, entertaining, even educational, with lyrics reminiscent of country living.  This album gets a 4-Star Repeat Button Award with four different repeat button requests being shouted from the back seat of the mini-van, including the songs: “Neighbors,” “Antidisestablishmentarianism,” “Tippy Toes” and “Auctioneer.”

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  • Station ID: Steve Weeks [www.steveweeksmusic.com]
  • The Okee Dokee Brothers – “Neighbors” [Take it Outside]Music
  • The Okee Dokee Brothers – “Naked Truth” [Take it Outside]Music
  • Flannery Brothers – “Pirate or Parrot?” [The New Explorers Club]Music
  • Claire Bloom  – “The History of Seven Young Parrots (Of The Lake Pipple-Popple)” [Nonsense Stories and Poems by Edward Lear]
  • Steve Songs – “The Pirate Song” [Little Superman]
  • The Bazillions – “Super Sonic Rocket Bike” [Rock-n-Roll Recess]Music
  • Station Id: Bill Harley [www.billharley.com]
  • Caspar Babypants – “The Legend of the Bone” [This is Fun]Music
  • Bill Harley – “Jack and the Singing Leaves” [The Best Candy in the Whole World and Other Stories by Bill Harley]Music
  • The Okee Dokee Brothers – “The Extraterrestrials” [Take it Outside]Music
  • Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke – “The Rattling Can” [Rise and Shine]

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