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Amber’s 2010 Back-to-School Picks

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Playlist by Amber Bodnar of Boston Children’s Music

Getting the kids back to school can be such a hectic time: trying to get everyone back on schedule, making sure they’ve all got their new lunch boxes and back packs, and soothing any new school jitters can take a lot out of a mom!

I don’t know how things work in your family, but for us music always helps to ease transitions, so of course I’ve compiled a list of school songs for Ivan to listen to as he gets ready to start his new year as a big five year old boy!

So far, so good!

  1. Outta SchoolBack to School by Steve Blunt – A great way to start the new school year! Steve’s song starts out sad about the end of summer, but he learns that his new teacher is actually pretty cool. Steve Blunt is a local musician from New Hampshire and his two CDs, Hang on Henry and Outta School, are really fun. He has a way of telling a story through song that can sometimes catch you off guard—in a good way!
  2. In the Back of the Bus by Bill Harley – Bill Harley is the ultimate story teller. I love this rock and roll song about the kids who sit in the back of the bus—they just might steal your hat or eat your lunch! But as with all of Bill’s songs and stories, it’s all just part of the fun.
  3. Take Me to Show-and-Tell by Sarah Lee Guthrie & Family – When I was a kid, one of my favorite things in school was Show-and-Tell. I remember taking my pet mongoose in once. I think the teacher in Sarah Lee Guthrie’s song would have been angry at me! Sarah’s voice is so sweet and I love how her kids join her on the chorus. Her music is definitely a family affair!
  4. Blast OffReading a Book by Ben Rudnick & Friends – There are so many great songs about reading and this one by Ben Rudnick & Friends is one of my favorites. They say that “anything can happen when you’re reading a book” and let your imagination take wing. So true!
  5. Once Upon a Time by Judy Pancoast – Judy Pancoast’s song about reading focuses on knowledge rather than imagination. Her princess character reads books to learn about the world because her father won’t allow her to go to college. She says she doesn’t want to just sit around and wait to be a prince’s wife… and she’s only interested in a prince who reads just like her! What a smart girl!
  6. Library by SteveSongs – Where are you going to find all those wonderful books? In the library! SteveSongs gets so excited about all the cool books at the library that the librarians need to hush him!
  7. AshebaRecess Time by Asheba – We all need a break after all that reading. Asheba’s up-beat reggae song is about children running and playing on the playground at recess. Asheba’s songs are all so positive and full of life!
  8. Sack Lunch by Recess Monkey – I love this song by Recess Monkey! The song is sung in the voice of your sack lunch while you (the student) are on a field trip. The guys of Recess Monkey are able to give ordinary things such importance—and if you get the chance, check out the video for Sack Lunch, it’s hilarious!
  9. Big Field Trip by Justin Roberts – Justin Roberts is one of the kings of kids’ music. We got to see him live this summer at the Regattabar in Harvard Square. What a show! Like so many Justin Roberts songs, Big Field Trip is so much fun to sing along to. Give it a try!
  10. Renee & JeremyShare by Renee & Jeremy – What’s the most important life lesson you learn in kindergarten? Sharing, of course! Renee & Jeremy use their perfect harmonies to get the message across beautifully: If we all share love will surround us!
  11. Taking Turns by Leeny & Tamara – Leeny & Tamara’s Taking Turns has a similar message: we can all get along and play together happily if we just take turns. Another great school lesson!
  12. Charlie HopeNaptime by Charlie Hope – You know what Ivan does when he gets home from school? He takes a nap. He has so much fun learning and playing all day that he comes home exhausted. Charlie Hope’s song about naptime is a great way to get in the mood—but her lullaby CD, World of Dreams, will seal the deal.

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