HHuGE Wagon Update: New Hours & Volunteer Opportunity

HHuGE Wagon Hours Are Changing!
By HHuGE Coordinator, Janet Henderson

(Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Hi! I am Janet Henderson, the new Hilltown Home Garden Exchange (HHuGE) Wagon coordinator, and I am writing to let you know that, because the produce in the wagon is not lasting in this heat (and other issues), the hours the wagon is open are changing.

The new hours are:

  • Fridays from 5pm-8pm
  • Saturday from 9am-8pm

If you have extra produce to leave off at the wagon, please do so during these times. And, please, regardless of whether you have anything to donate, do take advantage of the large amount of produce that is being left and take whatever you can use. The produce is available to all.

Also, please let others know about the new hours. I don’t want people to be frustrated going there only to find it closed. I will also post the new hours on the wagon.


If you would be available to help open the wagon on Friday evenings (around 5PM) or to close it on Fridays (after 8PM) or to open it on Saturday mornings (before 9AM), please let me know (bellajanet27@gmail.com). I could use the help. Opening the wagon should only take a few minutes, but closing it may take a little longer, since any wilted produce needs to be removed and any bags, boxes, buckets, etc. need to be tidied. The main qualification for this volunteer opportunity is dependability.

Thank you for helping to make the HHuGE wagon a success in providing free fresh produce to people in the area!  Find out more about HHuGE at www.HHuGE.org

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