OSV Programs for Homeschoolers

Fall 2010 Programs for Home School Families at Old Sturbridge Village

At OSV, children can learn about the transportation revolution in the 19th century. (Photo credit: OSV)

  • “Hop into History” overnight program August 14th
  • Home School Days September 14th and November 10th

Living history museum Old Sturbridge Village (OSV) will offer programs just for home school families, beginning with a Hop into History Overnight sleepover on Sat., August 14th, and continuing with a special September 14th Home School Day on Travel: People and Goods in Motion, and a November 10th Home School Day on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Newly introduced by OSV, Hop into History Overnight are designed for groups of young people ages 6-12, giving them an exciting “night at the museum.” The August 14th overnight program for home school families includes an evening tour of the Village, 45-minute hands-on activities, storytelling, 1830s games, two-day admission to the museum, and a Continental breakfast. Learn more.

Theme for the September 14th Home School Day at Old Sturbridge Village is Travel: People and Goods in Motion, giving children the opportunity to learn about the transportation revolution in the 19th century: new roads, canals, stagecoach routes and railways, which allowed for easier transport of people and goods all over New England and beyond. Registration for this Home School Day opens August 16th.

At the November 10th OSV Home School Day, children can learn more about The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving’s famous tale of a headless Hessian soldier returning to haunt a rural community. Storytelling, demonstrations, and hands-on activities will be offered, along with shadow puppet performances and workshops by visiting artist, Andrea Caspari. Online registration will be available one month in advance.

Old Sturbridge Village celebrates New England life in the 1830s and is open year-round. Hours vary seasonally. Parking is free and visitors get a free second-day return visit within 10 days. For information: www.osv.org or call 1-800-733-1830. A calendar of additional days when home school families can receive discounted admission will be announced in September. For details call 508-347-0285; http://www.osv.org. For a summary of OSV offerings for home school groups: learn more.

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