Q&A: What’s Your Favorite Family Card Game?


Uno is always a go-to. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Playing card games on these lazy summer days with the family create great memories!  What’s your favorite family card game to play with your kids?

  • Jennifer Page responds: When I was a kid my brother and I played Spit a lot. It’s a 2-person game, but would be fun for family tournaments.
  • Angie Gregory responds: Uno is always a go-to. And now my oldest is enjoying Set (which is not quite a cards-in-the-hands type game, but really fun and challenging… and colorful!)
  • Phoebe Shaw responds: Casino
  • Kathy Kristjanson-Gural responds: My son and I love playing Double Solitaire.  We play to see if we can both put our cards up to the middle.  That we play as a team instead of against each other.    We have also really enjoyed Frog Juice, Rat-a-Tat Cat and Duck Duck Bruce (all by Gamewright, I believe).
  • Jessica Day responds: Scrabble Slam! It’s fun and great for our seven-year-old… gotta stay on top of the spelling skills over the summer.
  • Anita Morehouse responds: Cribbage.
  • Jody Hadden responds: Uno!!!
  • Julie Gouldman Russell responds: Love me some “Blink.”
  • Jenn Drumm responds: We love Slamwich and Hiss, but you need to buy their deck as it’s not a card game for a regular set.
  • Anne Campbell responds: Frog Juice, Sleeping Queens and Rat-a-Tat Cat. Anything we’ve tried by Gamewright has been great.

Other games recommended:

  • Diane Hinze Kanzler responds: Checkers. And we’re all playing Marbles, even those of us with “old knees!”

4 Comments on “Q&A: What’s Your Favorite Family Card Game?

  1. Hey Dina! We’ve linked it to directions for those of use who can’t remember. I’m so glad someone recommended it and I could rediscover this fun card game!

  2. PLEASE remind me how to play spit ! It was one of my favorite card games when I was a kid- now however, we enjoy UNO ,SET and of course 52 card pick-up(guess who gets to ‘pick-up’?

  3. Guillotine! A nine year old revealed to me the wonders of beheading nobles!

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