TAKE ACTION: Community Preservation in Massachusetts

The Trustees of Reservations writes:

In the closing days of the 2010 Legislative session, we need your help to push SB 90 across the finish line. This bill will ensure that the Community Preservation Act (CPA) remains an essential and effective tool for communities that wish to enhance affordable housing, historic preservation, and natural resource and open space protection! The bill would stabilize state matching funds for CPA projects and would clarify the definitions of projects that qualify for CPA funding.

What needs to be done? Contact House Speaker Robert DeLeo and urge that SB 90 be approved. Urge your local Representative to contact Speaker DeLeo in support of SB 90. Write a letter to the editor to your local newspaper, and email a copy to us. Let us know about any conversations you have with your Representative or his/her staff.

How to do it. Use the talking points below. Use Please pass SB 90 to sustain CPA as the subject line of your email message or letter – this will help the Representatives to keep track of how many constituents support this measure. If you write to or email Speaker DeLeo, send a copy to your local Representative.

Talking points:

  • Identify yourself and your Town. If your Town has passed CPA, describe how funds have benefited your community and the projects initiated and/or completed.
  • Passage of SB 90 would assist local communities in pursuing projects of their choice, with no impact on a tight state budget.
  • Since its passage in 2000, the CPA has created jobs and affordable homes and has helped to protect the Massachusetts landscape, which is so important to our tourism industry and local agriculture.
  • Statewide, CPA has created more than 3100 units of affordable housing since its passage, and has produced more than 610 construction jobs annually.
  • CPA has protected 11,377 acres of agricultural land and open space and created more than 500 recreational facilities.
  • More than 1600 historic sites and resources have been preserved or rehabilitated, producing $165 million for local jobs.

For more information about the Community Preservation Act and SB 90, click here.

Thank you for speaking up for community preservation in Massachusetts.

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