Must-Hear Music Monday: Laurie Berkner

A Laurie Berkner Best Of!

Who doesn’t love the Laurie Berkner Band? Who hasn’t spent an entire afternoon happily humming Victor Vito to themselves?

Hey Victor! Hey Freddie! Let’s eat some spaghetti!

Laurie Berkner has been releasing perfectly danceable family fun albums for over ten years now (wow!) and felt it was high time for a best of compilation. I must agree!

If you’re not familiar with Laurie’s music, this album is a great introduction. You’ll get to listen to all of the best songs from over the years, from the silly (like Victor Vito and Pig on Her Head) to the sweet (like Five Days Old and Under a Shady Tree).

If you’re already a huge Laurie Berkner fan, you’ll be happy to see what a great job they did choosing the songs for this album (yes, Buzz Buzz made the cut), and you’ll probably have a couple you’d want to add (I’m kind of missing One More Stop on the Train). For us fans, this album would make a great gift for our friends who haven’t yet become super Laurie fans.

Another thing I love about this album: Since these are all hits, it’s a nice pick for the car. You’ve got almost an hour of “Oh, I love this song!” to drive along to with your kids… or on your own! Honestly, I don’t mind listening to a good Laurie Berkner song even when Ivan’s not around.

The Best of The Laurie Berkner Band was recently released on June 29th, and the band will be in Massachusetts for the Life is Good Festival in September. Exciting!

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