Grasshoppas in the Park Before Dark in the Hilltowns

Grasshoppas in the Park Before Dark:
An Outdoor Performance Event
Monday, June 28th @ 7pm in Cummington

Grasshoppas in the Park Before Dark, a family-friendly outdoor performance, will take place at Pettingill Park in Cummington on Monday, June 28th at 7pm. Bring a picnic!

The Grasshoppa Arts Initiative includes 6 hilltown artists who provide arts programming in local schools. The Grasshoppa artists are:

  • Patrick Crowley (contact improvisation)
  • Beth Fairservis (MOEJO puppets)
  • Beckie Kravetz (mask and sculpture)
  • Lita Lundeen (weaving)
  • Josh Wachtel (music)
  • Maureen Shea (dance improvisation and choreography)

In its first year of operation, the Grasshoppa Arts Initiative has offered workshops in schools in Cummington, Shelburne Falls, and Williamsburg.

On June 28th, the Grasshoppas will present an outdoor performance event in Pettingill Park in Cummington featuring many of the Grasshoppa artists with special guests. ‘Grasshoppas in the Park before Dark’ is inspired by ‘Dusk Dances’, a performance event that originated in the parks of Toronto, Canada.  Maureen Shea participated in ‘Dusk Dances’ for several years in Ottawa, Canada, as a choreographer, performer and co-producer and was inspired to bring a similar event to the Hilltowns.

Five performances pieces will be shown during ‘Grasshoppas in the Park before Dark’:

  • ‘Firefly’ (Lita Lundeen)
  • ‘Mother Earth births a Rainbow’ (MOEJO puppets)
  • ‘Studies 1-10, except 5, 6, 7’ (Maureen Shea)
  • ‘Trees’ (The Dolphin Dancers, Beckie Kravetz masks, Maureen Shea, Josh Wachtel)
  • Improvisation by Patrick Crowley

The event will last one hour and will take place rain or shine. While the event is free, contributions are welcome and a hat will be passed at the end of the evening. This is a family-friendly event. Bring a picnic!

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