Q&A: Horseback Riding Lessons


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Donna B. writes: I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good place for children’s horseback riding lessons or a day camp that includes riding lessons.


  • Kristy Matusiewicz Dyer replies: RER Ponies in Hatfield, MA.
  • Meghan Brennan replies: Laural Hill Stables in Williamsburg, MA.
  • Swansea Benham Bleicher replies: Muddy Brook Farm, Amherst, MA.
  • Jennifer G. replies: Washstone Ranch on the Westfield / S’ton/ Holyoke border has camps.
  • Desiree R. of Holiday Farm in Dalton, MA replies: Just wanted to put out that our stable manager, Denise, offers children’s horseback riding lessons both at the farm and runs a summer horse camp (Camp Danbee). You can reach her at (413) 684-9963. I believe that Denise likes to start with children age 6, but if your children are younger, you can always ask.
  • Kate S. replies: Last year my daughter went to the Stillwater Equestrian Center’s Pony-Pal-Camp. She was the oldest in the group age 8 (very close to 9) and she said it was too easy but she still had a good time. Good Luck
  • Christine H. replies: I believe there is a farm on Route 47 in Hadley that has a horseback riding summer camp. The name of the farm escapes me, but it is near the flea market.
  • Jacqueline D. replies: Heather Dostal, at RER Ponies in Hatfield, has a program for very young children called “Pony Pals Preschool”, 413-427-2026.

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