Must-Hear Music Monday: Jungle Gym

Jungle Gym

Justin Roberts isn’t just a musician; he’s a phenomenon. When we hear that Justin has a new CD coming out, we begin pining for it immediately. We don’t worry if it will be good or not—it’s just a question of which songs we will love the most.

And Justin has been receiving some much deserved accolades in the mainstream press lately. The New York Times wrote about him in April and I was glad to see that the reporter was a true fan who recognized Justin as a “natural poet,” quoting some of his best lines from classic songs like Picture Day and Sandcastle.

Justin was also featured in a recent article in Time Magazine, which was accompanied by a video interview online.

At his root Justin is an incomparable lyricist. His songs move smoothly from verse to chorus and are divine to sing along to. He gets you thinking, laughing, and every so often even crying—and sometimes that can all happen in the same song (like From Scratch, which gets to me every time I hear it).

His new CD, Jungle Gym, is no exception. The songs take the perspective of a child, but in a way that we can all relate to. We all know what it feels like to get an unexpected day off—whether we’re a kid finding out school’s canceled due to a Snow Day or a mom who’s just been given the afternoon to herself. And in the song Never Getting Lost, is he really singing about a child getting lost in a mall or about losing our way in life and needing to reconnect?

Justin’s new CD is set to release this week but can be pre-ordered now. In the meantime, you can check out this video for Obsessed by Trucks:

And once you’ve got your new CD and you’re singing every song by heart, you’ll be ready for Justin’s upcoming performances, including the Regattabar in Cambridge, MA on July 25th. Yes, it’s time to get excited.

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