And Crown Thy Good with Neighborhood From Sea to Shining Sea!

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The Quirks of Northern Gentlemen

Last week I told you about Jim’s leaving and Donna then announced her retirement from the grocery and produce departments, as well. Happily, I am the sort of entrepreneur who believes that everyone should do what they wanna in life and they move to the next place that makes them happiest.

I really, really appreciate both Jim and Donna for bringing Elmer’s to where it is today—much more professional and a lot sturdier as a result of their being here. Donna has also kindly agreed to stay on during the transition, especially in the area of local produce. She really got that department going and neither of us wants to see it falter! So she is with us until we get a new grocery and produce manager. So keep on coming, all is well and we’ll announce the next manager when we get her or him!

Thank you to all the people who have told me they appreciate my endowed shape! I think it will be a grand day that completely destroys the sociologists when they hap upon this quaint old town in Western Massachusetts where all the old New England farmers nod and say, “Yo, Babe! Look at you! You done turned voluptuous on us! Look at that junk in your trunk! Mmm hmmm! You could set a cold drink AND a clock radio on that fine behind, yes indeed!”

Which will be the contrast to the other group in Ashfield that made me laugh (in a good way) by singing at the Memorial Day gathering,

America!  America!
God shed her grace on thee!
And crown thy good with neighborhood (instead of brotherhood)
From sea to shining sea!

See, they wouldn’t sing that in New Orleans.  In New Orleans they’d say,  “Huh uh!  That ain’t the song!  God ain’t no girl!  I mean, I guess he could be a girl, I guess, but that ain’t how the song go!”

An Ashfield gentleman whispered to me the other day,  that, “A northern gentleman would never dare to comment on the shape of a lady’s form.”

That may be old Ashfield—the new Ashfield gentlemen have taken to the new freedom of expression!

Speaking of Louisiana, one of our beloved Sunday customers, Richard (always sits in the front window with his wife Sandy.  Has a British accent.  Laughs a lot)  is down there photographing the oil spill.

Richard is an aerial pilot and he has taken his skills down to the coast of Louisiana to photograph and document the destruction of the oil spill.  His are some terribly disturbing images and, while I don’t think that anyone in this crowd sees it as just a Louisiana problem, if you did, I don’t think you will after you see this!

Click HERE to read, too Richard’s account of the song and dance BP staged when Barak Obama came to town.

Thanks, Richard for what you’re doing down there to educate the world!

And, as an aside, one of the things I learned while in Louisiana is that it takes 300 gallons of water to clean the oil off one duck.

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