TICKET GIVEAWAY: Green River Festival

Win a 4-Pack of Day Pass Tickets to the
The Weekend of July 17th & 18th, 2010
At GCC in Greenfield, MA

Hilltown Families and the Green River Festival have partnered up to offer two very lucky families a 4-pack of free day pass tickets to the 24th Annual Green River Festival, the weekend of July 17 & 18, 2010!

Presented by the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, this celebration combines music on two stages, food, crafts, dancing, a wide array of kids activities and hot air balloon launches (weather permitting) for the Pioneer Valley’s biggest outdoor event of the summer. This is the only music festival in Massachusetts that features hot air balloons and rides.

We have two 4-packs of day pass tickets to giveaway:


  • 4-pack of day pass tickets for Saturday, July 17th
  • 4-pack of day pass tickets for Sunday, July 18th



Kids under 12 are free, so each winning family can invite along another family for a day of music, dancing and balloons in Greenfield, MA! Tickets do not including parking or food. Details on how to enter to win are below. Deadline to enter is Sunday, July 11th by 7pm (EST).


The Green River Festival began in 1986 as a balloon festival and has gained increasing popularity each year as more and more music and dance entertainment have been added. Today it has become a fantastic summer musical event in Western Massachusetts with two stages of music.  This year the festival will feature Old Crow Medicine Show, Red Stick Ramblers, The Sweetback Sisters, CAKE, Brooks Williams, Anais Mitchell, Academy Freightshakers and many other top talented bands.

New this year is The River’s Meltdown Kids’ Stage, featuring family music with The Primate Fiasco, Deedle Deedle Dees, The Nields, Elizabeth Mitchell, Sarah Lee Guthrie, Flannery Brothers, Mister G, School for the Dead and several other bands we’ve featured on the Hilltown Family Variety Show!

The Festival is a two-day event and will be held on Saturday and Sunday, July 17th & 18th on the grounds of Greenfield Community College in Greenfield, MA. Hot Air Balloons fly, weather permitting, on Friday and Saturday at 6pm and Saturday morning at 6am. Onsite parking is available for a fee, or there is free parking and shuttle bus service available. The Festival is working towards zero-waste and no pets or alcohol are allowed.


Your chance to win a 4-pack of day passes to the Green River Festival on either Saturday, July 17th or Sunday, July 18th is as easy as 1-2-3 (4)! 

To be eligible to win simply:

  • POST A COMMENT BELOW AND TELL US WHICH DAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO GO (Sat., Sun. or Either) (one entry per household) and be sure to tell us your
  • FULL NAME (first/last) and where you
  • LIVE (TOWN/STATE) must include your town to be eligible.
  • ACCURATE EMAIL (we never share your email address).
  • We’ll randomly draw a winner and will share the results below.


IT’S THAT SIMPLE! — Deadline is Sunday, 07/11/10 @ 7pm (EST).


In addition to posting a comment below as outlined above, be part of the Hilltown Families Street Team and participate in any of the following, earning one extra entry in our random drawing:

  • Share the Hilltown Families Facebook Page with your Facebook pals.
  • Tweet about this contest on Twitter (Add @hilltwnfamilies to your tweet)
  • Share the giveaway on your own blog (email the URL to hilltownfamilies@gmail.com)
  • Email five or more friends and tell them about this giveaway (CC your email to hilltownfamilies@gmail.com)


Once you have done any of these suggestions, we will add a thank you comment below with your name/town, adding another entry for you.  If you participate as our Street Team and do not see a mention below, email us details before the deadline to let us know.  Deadline is Sunday, 07/11/10 @ 7pm (EST). A maximum of one extra entry per household may be added.

If you don’t win, tickets are available online at www.greenriverfestival.com.

101 Comments on “TICKET GIVEAWAY: Green River Festival

  1. Congratulations to:

    • Carrie St. John of Northampton, MA
    • Jennifer Dorfield of South Hadley, MA

    Carrie St. John has won a 4-pack of free day pass tickets for Saturday (July 17th), and Jennifer Dorfield has won a 4-pack of free day pass tickets for Sunday (July 18th) to the 24th Annual Green River Festival, the weekend of July 17 & 18, 2010! Both winners should contact hilltownfamilies@gmail.com for directions on how to pick-up tickets.

    Thank you to everyone for participating in our giveaway. Tickets are still available for the 24th Annual Green River Festival online at http://www.greenriverfestival.com. And remember, kids under 12 are free.

  2. Thank you Hilltown Families for making tickets available, how fun!
    We live in Shutesbury and we would be happy to go on Sunday.
    Thanks again for the chance!
    Dianne Engel-Dragon
    Shutesbury, MA

  3. We would LOVE TO GO!! My family and I (husband and two young girls) just moved to the area last week! We live in Hinsdale and are looking for new friends and fun! So far, we LOVE it here! Thanks for being such a great organization! Sarah Hebb, Hinsdale MA

  4. We are coming to Greenfield to visit family and would love to send the day with them at the festival. We love to come on Saturday. Debbie
    Bumpass VA

  5. either day!
    northampton, MA

  6. Thank you, Tara Bernier of Hatfield, MA for being a part of the Hilltown Families Street Team and earning an extra entry in our Green River Festival Ticket Giveaway!

  7. Hello. We’d love to go on Sunday!

  8. We’d love to be put in the running for tickets on Sunday. Thanks!

    Northampton, MA

  9. Either day would be very cool, thanks!

  10. I’m from Easthampton, MA

    either day!

  11. I’d love to go either day!
    Northampton, MA

  12. Either day would be great.

    I live in Florence, MA.

  13. Either day is fine!

    Northampton, MA

  14. Buckland, MA

    Of course any day would be fine but if we had to pick, probably Sat for the Nields!

  15. Whoohooo! Music Fest :)
    This Neo-Hippie mama would love to take her kiddos Saturday!
    Tara Bernier
    Hatfield, MA

  16. I would love to go on Saturday! Thank you Hill Town Families, for being our “man” on the street sluthing out great things to do.

  17. We’d like to go Sunday, for CAKE.
    Chesterfield, MA

  18. Sunday would be great, thx!
    Stacy Calabretta of
    Goshen, MA

  19. Sunday please
    Ben Terris
    Greenfield, MA

  20. Sunday could be a fun day
    Florence MA

  21. Hi! I went a few years ago and haven’t had the chance to get to see the show since. We would love to win free tickets for Saturday for my family and a friend! Thanks for the opportunity! Wendy Swan of Ashfield, MA.

  22. Forgot the city and state: Auburn, California

  23. I am a native of western mass but live in California and we will be in town for this festival! I am always trying ot show my southern california husband how awesome western mass is and this would be a huge point! We would love to go on Sunday to see Calexico (the last time we were able to see them was when we took my now 5 year old daughter to an in store acoustic show at 4 months old).

  24. We would love to go either day!
    Andrea Gray

  25. We would love to go either day.
    Williamsburg, MA

  26. What a great festival. We’d love to go either day.
    Rachel Merrell
    Northampton, MA

  27. Thank you, Jessica Morris of Northampton for being a part of the Hilltown Families Street Team and earning an extra entry in our Green River Festival Ticket Giveaway!

  28. We have never been but would love the chance!!!!!
    Either day would be fine!
    Kellie Phenicie
    Plainfield MA

  29. We would love to go on Sunday. Thanks for the chance.
    Amy Vienna
    Hanover, NH

  30. We’d love to go either day.
    Andrea Elson
    Hadley, MA

  31. We would love tix for Sunday! Thank you!
    Lisa Austin Kuerzel
    Leverett, MA

  32. Either day! We’ve never been before!

    Christa & Ilani Pylant
    Amherst MA

  33. Either day
    Marianne Bullock
    Greenfield, ma

  34. Either day
    Jessica Thompson
    Ashfield, MA

  35. we’d love to go on sunday! we’ve never been able to afford to go and hubby would be sooo happy!

    Crystal zimmer
    greenfield, ma

  36. Hubby and I have never been able to afford to go, and we would love sunday tickets!!! Hubby’s and avid musician and has been aching to go since we moved here to greenfield, ma 7 years ago

  37. we love the GRF and Sunday Tix would be great!
    Haydenville MA

  38. We would love to go either day- this is a great festival!
    Christy Winslow
    Haydenville, MA

  39. We would love to go!!!!!!!

    Cindy Sullivan
    Hadley, MA

  40. I would love Sunday tickets! I currently live in Greenfield, but by the time of the festival, I should be settled into Turners! Would love these tickets, because I have missed the last two summers’. Buddy Guy was amazing in 07!

  41. Saturday
    thanks, Jessica Morris, northampton

  42. We’ve always wanted to go to the festival. Sunday would be best. Kids are free! You Rock!
    Amy Cullen
    Williamsburg, MA

  43. Would love to win tickets for Sunday.


    South Hadley, MA

  44. We live in Easthampton, MA and we’d love to go on Sunday.

  45. We’d love to do either day, please.
    Chesterfield, Massachusetts, USA

  46. We’d love to go on either day–what a great give-away. We can hear the music from our house, but have never been able to afford to go!

    Greenfield, MA

  47. Either day would be awesome.

    Hatfield, ma

    it would be a great way to spend our son’s birthday!!

  48. Wow, what an unbelievable line-up!! Tough decision but I’d say Saturday is our preference.

    Florence, MA

  49. We’d love to go on Saturday.Luck be with us!
    The Pilger Family from Haydenville

  50. YIPPEE! Primate Fiasco is playing on Saturday so that would our PREFERRED day, but either day would be great.
    Belchertown, MA

  51. We have always wanted to go to this festival but could not afford it because there are four people in our family (not fair to leave someone at home). We would like to go on a Saturday if possible, but will take a Sunday for any free tickets. Thanks for this awesome opportunity to win – go Hilltown Families, you are the best!
    Greenfield, MA

  52. I’ve been dying to go for years now!
    Either day would be fantastic!
    Thank you for the chance to win..
    Worthington, MA

  53. Love to go on Saturday

  54. Wow, what an opportunity!
    We’re from South Hadley, 2 kids.
    We’d love to go Sunday.

  55. GreenRiver Festival ticket giveaway.

    Yo, Yo, Yo. I am a mother of 3 awesome kids and would love to take this opportunity and go to the greenriver festival with another family that is visiting us from out of town on Saturday July 17th. We are a fun bunch and I know we will rock at this restival. :-)

    Jennifer Keen

  56. Oops, forgot our hometown: Northampton, MA. We’d love to be considered for either day.

  57. What a great offering! We would love to go on either Sat. or Sun.

  58. Saturday would be my first choice!
    West Chesterfield, MA

  59. We would like to go Sunday.
    Megan McDonough
    Colrain, MA.

  60. Thanks for the chance! We prefer Saturday. Hatfield MA

  61. Thanks for the chance! We prefer Saturday.

  62. Either day would be wonderful!
    Amherst, Ma.

    This is so awesome that you’re giving away tickets! I hope someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to go, wins them.

  63. Saturday would be awesome!!!
    We love the Green River Festival!! Our kids love dancing around and lounging on our blankets!

    Hatfield, MA

  64. Saturday would be awesome!!!
    We love the Green River Festival!! Our kids love dancing around and lounging on our blankets!

    Hatfield, MA

  65. oh well now it’s #4 sorry about the others ;)

  66. saturday would be awesome…


  67. Saturday would be awesome!!


  68. happy Days… Saturday would work for us!!! and thanks for this opportunity!

  69. We would love to go on Sunday! Thanks.

    Alison Webster
    Wilbraham, MA

  70. We’d be thrilled to go either day!


  71. Great giveaway and thank you for your amazingly helpful site.
    We would prefer to go Sunday but would definitely take Saturday!

    Corey Griffin
    Haydenville, MA

  72. Great giveaway! Would love to go Saturday, but either would be fine.
    Sage Myska
    Whitingham VT

  73. This would be great. We would love tickets for Saturday or Sunday.
    Carrie St. John
    Northampton, MA

  74. Whoops. Interrupted by little one. Town: whately.
    No pref sat or sun.

    Deb doulette

  75. Took our baby six years ago to her first concert…would love to go again! Could go sat or sun, no preference.


  76. we’d love to go either day!

  77. We would love to see Elizabeth Mitchell, it sounds like so much fun!

    Lyza Fennell

    Southampton, MA

  78. Would love to go on Saturday — haven’t been able to go in the past, and it sounds like fun!

    Williamsburg MA

  79. I have always wanted to go to this! Would love to…either day.
    Laine Romero-Alston
    Florence, MA

  80. Either day is great. We’d love to go.
    Elizabeth Brooke-Willbanks

  81. I would love to go!
    Either day would be perfect!
    Holyoke, MA

  82. I’d LOVE to go on Sunday (Felice Bros!)..
    We’re in Florence, MA
    Valle Dwight


  83. Great fun, and it would be the first time we’d bring our boy. Thanks for the opportunity to win passes; Sunday would be our preference.

    Florence, MA

  84. Old Crow Medicine Show & activities for our daughter….. a great event year after year. We’d love to go Saturday. Thank You.
    Kate Parrott
    Chesterfield, MA

  85. Saturday or Sunday?! Cake or Primate Fiasco?! I think we’d go with Sunday if we were REALLY forced to choose.
    Heather Polson – Northampton

  86. Thank you for the opportunity to attend the Green River Festival — otherwise would not be able to attend; Would love to go either day.
    Newly relocated to the area — Sounds like a great weekend.

  87. We have never been and have heard great things!
    We would love to go either day but we’d choose Saturday if we have to pick.
    Marie Westburg, Williamsburg, Ma.

  88. Great music festival. Would love to go either day.

    Sandra Dias
    Holyoke, MA

  89. I forgot my town, Williamsburg, MA!

  90. Either day, thanks for the giveaway!

  91. We’d be very happy to go!
    Rory Dexter
    Pelham, Ma

  92. Sunday, the day after my baby’s 1st birthday celebration!
    Williamsburg MA

  93. I went last year on Friday night—such fun!

    I’d love to go Saturday.

    Sara Barry
    Haydenville, MA

  94. Our family would *love* to go on Sunday :) Thanks for the chance!
    Longmeadow, MA

  95. Thanks Hilltown Families. We don’t satrt our weekend without you. Stephanie Billings Florence, MA. Either day!

  96. We’d love to go to go on Sat. also! It’s such a GREAT festival!!

  97. Thank you for this giveaway! We’d love the tickets, and either day is fine.
    Anne Campbell
    Shelburne Falls, MA

  98. We’d love to go – on Saturday!
    Karen E. Bayne
    Northampton, MA
    How awesome that kids are free!!

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