Q&A: Sunblocks that REALLY Work


Consumer Reports recently reported what tests revealed about top performing sunscreens. Click on the photo to read more. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Summer is turning the corner on us and the sun is a blazing. Can anyone recommend a kid-friendly sun-block they like to use on their family, and where you get it? Blocks that are either non-toxic, don’t sting eyes, REALLY waterproof, and/or easy to apply, are all good to know about.

  • Lauren Koblara Kostantin writes: I’m interested in the answer too.
  • Alisa Blanchard writes: California Babies … one of the best rated on www.cosmeticsdatabase.com and it is easy to apply, all natural, mostly organic, unscented … I also like the Badger Unscented sun screen but it isn’t as easy to get on, but it stays on longer.
  • Melinda Freund Schneider writes: I’ll be watching for suggestions that don’t sting eyes. When running dog agility, my eyes are always stinging … not good!
  • Sara Cahillane writes: A friend swears by one called Baby Blanket. Much less expensive than CA baby. Available online.
  • Susan Rees writes: The sunscreen I swear by (and I burn more easily than anyone I know) is the Target brand SPF 45 for babies. Don’t know how “non-toxic” it is, but sunburn, in my opinion, is more dangerous than whatever is in there.
  • Rachel Cassia Trigere Besserman writes: Zinc 12% and any base oil (shea, olive) depending on wish for consistency. I have bulk zinc 210-0495! and shea/olive/coconut. This is what I use on Emmet (5.5) and me.  It works!
  • Sarah McMullen writes: We like CA Baby too! Pricey, but seems to last a long time, and non-toxic.
  • Lyza May writes: I interested in this too, I have to ask Rachel, you have each of those ingredients and mix them yourself?
  • Lau Mazza writes: I’ve used Audrey Organics 25 for children.  It is the least expensive and most effective. My dermatologist recommends to apply it 30 minutes before being in the sun. We usually apply it before we leave the house to the park or the beach and by the time we get there is dry. That is what makes it truly effective and water proof, we usually don’t apply for the rest of the outing.
  • Judy Bennett writes: I stick to the mineral based ones, rather than the chemical based ones. I think I got a good one that wasn’t too $$ from Whole Foods. Also check out safemama.com/cheatsheets/sunscreen
  • Myssie Casinghino  writes: We like blue lizard brand.
  • Arianna Alexsandra Grindrod writes: I like Aubrey Natural Sun SPF 25 Green Tea.
  • Share your recommendations with us below.

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  1. On June 16, 2011, the FDA has announced significant changes to sunscreen products that are aimed to help consumers decide how to buy and use sunscreen. Here is their PSA video that explains why the changes and why labeling will look different on sunscreen products in 2012:


  2. you can read about sunscreen safety and precautions on dr. mercola’s website. there is actually a very negative chemical reaction with most sunscreens, when on the skin in the sun! he explains in depth. i use badger because it’s safe according to skindeep.com i have tried mercola’s sunscreen. it goes on easier than badger but tends to leak out of the bottle unless they have improved it. 2 safe choices.

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