Energy Committee Forming in the Hilltowns

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Davio Danielson of Plainfield, MA writes:

Dear Friends, especially Plainfielders,

At the recent Plainfield Town Meeting, an Energy Committee for the town was discussed. I’d like to form one. I’m even ready to put in some work if there are at least 3 others who’d like to play. Plainfield has great wind and solar sites, and we’re so teeny that it would be easy to qualify as a Green Community. There may be grant money available. Perhaps we can even revitalize some historic water-power sites…

Let’s have a cookout at Crooked Pond or Nine Mountain and kick it around. If you’re interested, even in coming to just one meeting, please send me an email. If you have an interested friend who’s not on-line please have him/her call me. Many thanks.

Davio Danielson

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