Arts Alive in the Hilltowns

Rosemary Wessel of Cummington, MA writes:

Arts Alive in the Hilltowns is a networking opportunity, a resource, a way to find places to display and see artwork and artists from all the hilltowns, to publicize your shows, take classes, join a critique group, go on studio tours, hear a lecture, see a performance or demo, or just get together with other artists and art enthusiasts, and enrich the Arts in the Hilltowns. Arts Alive in the Hilltowns would serve as an umbrella for all other artistic groups in the Hilltowns.

We are excited about the interest shown in the Arts Alive in the Hilltowns. We planned to hold a gathering of artists and friends of the arts to enable participants to get acquainted with each other, and for Arts Alive in the Hilltowns to inform communities of our purpose. Due to serious scheduling conflicts with other arts events, we will postpone our opening party on June 5th. We will notify you of dates of forthcoming events.

To promote your interests, please go to the Arts Alive in the Hilltowns website ( and sign up. Also, we need your feedback, to facilitate and improve our purpose, ie:

  • classes
  • studio tours
  • critique group
  • lectures
  • performance
  • demo
  • art show
  • other comments

We invite you to join us, tell others about us, and check back for more listings and events.

Let’s work together! Please share this message with interested persons.

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  1. Thank you for going to the website: and siging up as an artist or posting you event!! We WILL share and grow. Someday we WILL have an Arts Center too!!

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