Two Ideas for National Teacher Appreciation Day

Notes of Appreciation

Tomorrow is National Teacher Appreciation Day, and a couple of ex-teachers have shared their ideas on how to show appreciation over on the Hilltown Families Facebook page:

Myanna Carbin-O’Brien writes: In my life before little kids, I was a teacher. A note expressing your appreciation is the best gift I ever got. I think gift cards (especially for Borders or Barnes and Noble) are great. And I always appreciate homemade projects or goodies.

Amanda Manso writes: I was a teacher for 16 years — a note from the heart – best way to show appreciation. If you can write about just one time that teacher made a difference in your life, it makes all the hours and work worth it!!!

Do you have an idea to share?

One Comment on “Two Ideas for National Teacher Appreciation Day

  1. Don’t forget early child care providers. They lay the strong foundations for success and deserve to hear about your appreciation.

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